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KTV SECURE Low Energy. High Security.

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KTV Secure with metal ceiling.

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Modern revolving doors provide comprehensive safety and various benefits: KTV Secure. 1. KTV revolving doors – always more benefits. 2. Access control systems for improved security 3. Low energy motor drive 4. Convincing technology for reliable access control KTV revolving door systems are perfectly suitable for installation in entrance areas where environment control coupled with elegant aesthetics are desired. Either Manual, Automatic or with Servo Assist operator – each of the numerous versions combines clear benefits as these systems help to reduce energy costs and act as comfortable...

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KTV Secure – this contemporary revolving door is a flexible and complete system. Modern and versatile thanks to its various functions. The DORMA KTV Secure is excelled by its high flexibility. It is available as a 3 or 4 wing version. Each of these versions provides special features such as the possibility to achieve clear passage heights of up to 4,000 mm. The KTV Secure also offers various functions, ranging from any form of access control system, activated from the entry or exit side to a Shock-Stop function. All in all the KTV Secure is a complete and customisable system: It provides...

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General functions of KTV Secure in 3-wing and 4-wing design Access control on Entry and Exit The KTV Secure is a revolving door with access control possibilities from both sides. The system is activated via devices such as a card reader, keypad or fingerprint reader by users with access authorisation. Depending on the door version, the system may rotate in one or both directions and stop and lock in position with the aid of the ShockStop gear coupling until a new pulse is triggered. Servomatic/S (optional) The door system is activated via radar motion detector and operated manually while...

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Card reader Designed to read identification cards or transponders keys (contactless) Reading procedure: EM 4102, EM 4150, HITAG 1, HITAG 2, LEGIC, MIFARE. Colours: White, anthracite, silver. Access via an access code or PIN and/or contactless reading of identification cards or transponder keys. Reading procedure of keypad: 4- to 6-digit PIN code. Reading procedure of keypad reader: EM 4102, EM 4150, HITAG 1, HITAG 2. Colours: White, anthracite, silver. Key reader Designed to read electronically encoded CODIC CC-keys. Colours: White, anthracite, silver. MasterCard keypad reader Apart from...

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KTV Secure – an intelligent combination of elegance and safety For almost every building with a security zone. Suitable access systems for all requirements. When buying a KTV Secure revolving door system you get a convincing and complete door system, which is activated via reading devices such as cards, fingerprints or key switches. We would especially recommend equipping the system with one of the various accessories out of the DORMA Security (STA) product range. A decision in favour of reliable function and for a large range of access control systems that meet individual user requirements....

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DORMA GmbH + Co. KG DORMA Platz 1 D-58256 Ennepetal Phone +49 2333 793-0 Fax +49 2333 793-495 Region Far East Singapore DORMA Far East Pte. Ltd. Phone +65 62 68 76 33 Division Automatic worldwide Region Australasia Australia DORMA Automatics Pty. Ltd. Phone +61 3 97964111 New Zealand DORMA Automatics Pty. Ltd. Phone +61 3 97964111 Region Central Europe Germany DORMA Automatic GmbH + Co. KG Phone +49 2333 793-0 Netherlands DORMA van Duin Nederland B.V. Phone +31 488 418 100 Belgium DORMA foquin...

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