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Products High-end security and access control systems

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• Education • Healthcare • Retail outlets • Sports & leisure • Mass transit & transport • Utilities & telecoms • Hospitality • Banking & finance • Government & MoD • Industry & manufacturing • Airports • Corporate offices Kaba Worldwide The Kaba Group is one of the world’s leading players in the security industry. Headquartered in Switzerland, the group employs 8,000 staff in more than • Mechanical locking devices and Kaba has over 148 years of experience in delivering security, organisational • Keys and key cutting machines efficiency and convenience. We are dedicated to serving end-user...

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>> Contact Us Head Office: Kaba Ltd Lower Moor Way Tiverton Devon EX16 6SS Tel: 0870 000 5625 Fax: 0870 000 5397 Email: London Office: Kaba Ltd Unit 27 Bates Industrial Estate Harold Wood Romford Essex RM3 0HU Tel: 0870 000 5292 Fax: 0870 000 5293 Kaba Online: w Order Online: Kaba Ltd is a member of the Kaba group and has been designing and • Innovative solutions manufacturing a wide range of security products and solutions for the UK and Republic of Ireland for over thirty years. The Kaba product range includes kitemark approved key...

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• Kaba Quattro pluS master key system • Kaba 20 master key system • Single, double, thumbturn and oval profiles • Kaba padlocks • Kaba camlocks • Kaba keyswitches • Kaba cabinet locks • Kaba dust covers & flaps • Kaba rim latch and sliding bolt High Security Locks The Kaba reputation is built upon quality and security. In fact, Kaba invented the familiar reversible, milled key, which offers high security as well as convenience as it can be inserted either way into the cylinder. Our patented and registered mechanical key systems can be modified to meet customer needs. Kitemark • Patented...

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• Kaba experT key system • Gege pExtra key system • Single, double and thumbturn profiles • Thumbturn range • Kaba padlocks • Kaba camlocks • Kaba cabinet locks Mechanical Locks Kaba’s mechanical lock range comprises both reversible and serrated keys and the premium cylinder ranges Kaba experT and Gege pExtra. Both meet industry standards; tested to BS EN 1303 they provide resistance against attacking, bumping, drilling and snapping. All our key systems can form part of a master key system incorporating a wide range of cylinder types including padlocks, cabinet locks and camlocks, which can...

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• Kaba evolo c-lever door furniture • Kaba evolo c-lever compact • Kaba evolo digital cylinder • Kaba evolo reader • Kaba elolegic c-lever • Kaba elolegic digital cylinder • Kaba elolegic reader • Kaba elolegic locker lock • Kaba evolo manager (KEM) standalone access control software Standalone Access Control Standalone electronic locks are quick and easy to install without the need for hard wiring, which reduces installation costs. The locks are convenient to use as one media can open many doors, effectively forming a standalone access control system. This flexibility does not compromise...

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>> Products Mechanical range includes: • Simplex 1000 • Simplex L1000 • Simplex 7100 • Simplex 5000 Electronic range includes: • Eplex 2000 • Eplex 2000 PowerStar • Eplex 5000 • SAC Keypads • Powerlever Push Button Locks The Kaba push button lock range offers both mechanical and electronic access control solutions. Operated by a PIN code, push button locks offer customers significant cost savings as they eliminate the need for key replacement. The products are of high robust quality with many of them suitable for external and remote sites. The locks can provide audit trails and time-limited...

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• Kaba exos 9300 software & hardware • Kaba elolegic & Kaba evolo locking devices • CardLink integral cable-free access control concept • Kaba B-Net and Kaba B-Web time & attendance terminals • High-security master key systems • Security revolving doors, turnstiles & barriers Online Access Control The increasing demand for online access control systems is related to the organisation of personnel traffic, management of security areas and recording of events in real time. Users only have access to certain rooms at certain times; a practically unlimited number of users can be given access....

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• B-COMM ERP for SAP • B-COMM ERP for Oracle • B-COMM ERP for PeopleSoft • B-COMM ERP for Microsoft AX • Kaba exos 9300 • B-Net 9300 & 9500 series terminal • B-WEB 9300 & 9500 series terminal Workforce Management Effective and efficient workforce management is key to the success of an organisation. Wage overpayment, over or under-staffing, production inefficiencies, payroll errors... the costs can be hidden but significant. An average figure of around 2 hours per week can be lost in lateness, breaks, early departure, personal • Multi-functional hardware terminals • Staff & visitor...

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• Kaba Orthos personal interlocks • Kaba Geryon security revolving doors • Kaba Talos revolving doors Security Revolving Doors & Interlocks Kaba’s security revolving doors and personal interlocks are used to organise access of authorised persons to secure relevant areas and to regulate through flow. The systems are controlled electronically and can be activated by card readers, buttons, operating panels or by biometric identification systems. They are compatible with access control systems to enhance security and where required can be combined with time and attendance recording systems....

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• Kaba Kentaur full-height turnstiles • Kaba Charon half-height turnstiles & swing doors • Kaba Argus sensor barriers • Kaba Kerboros tripod barriers Security Turnstiles, Barriers & Gates Kaba turnstiles, barriers and gates operate in the same manner as our security revolving doors and interlocks, organising access of authorised persons to secure relevant areas and regulating through flow. The systems are controlled electronically and can be activated by card readers, buttons, operating panels or by biometric identification systems. Compatible with access control and time and attendance...

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