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Product factsheet Kaba exos# LA-PV Registration unit Product features • Flush socket mounting • Freely selectable design (integration into existing light switch ranges) • High level of security due to encrypted communication with the interior door manager • Maximum protection against vandal- • Longer reading distance The Kaba exos LA-PV registration unit combined with the Kaba exos DML2 door manager is a fully integrated access control solution with simultane- ous convenient user identification. This registration unit is suitable for flush socket mounting or installation behind facades. The enhanced reading capabi- lity ensures maximum convenience. Installation is very easy due to the sim- (Remote Reader Module) Free design The various registration units enable a wide range of designs. All spatial and technical security specifications are taken into account. Tampering security The registration units are installed at remote locations away from the door manager. The door manager can be installed in a tamper-proof room registration units. Manipulation security Communication between the registra- tion units and door manager is encrypt- ed and therefore offers maximum

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