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ES 200 - 1

ES 200 Sliding door operator

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ES 200 - 2

Flexible, simple and modular With drive power to spare The new, innovative ES 200 sliding door operator system offers the perfect solution for all applications and service requirements. The ES 200, equipped with the dormakaba PowerDrive technology, fulfills every demand imposed on operators in terms of adaptability to different door widths, door weight capacity and functionality. The modular system The modular design of the ES 200 provides an ideal basis for the implementation of new ideas and individual concepts in the design and construction of sliding door systems. The identical...

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ES 200 - 3

Door parameters Single-panel - Clear passage width LW 700 - 3000 mm sliding door - Door panel weight, max. 1 x 200 kg Double-panel - Clear passage width LW 800 - 3000 mm sliding door - Door panel weight, max. 2 x 160 kg Clear passage height* 2100 - 3200 mm *Other dimensions on request. Technical data of operator Height Installation depth Opening and closing force, max. 150 N Opening speed (incremental setting) Closing speed (incremental setting) Hold-open time Supply voltage, frequency Power consumption Class of protection Admissible temperature Admissible humidity (relative) max. 93 % (non...

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ES 200 - 4

Pulley with integrated locking device and belt tensioning device Profiles for corridor installation, 100 mm Our profiles for installation heights of 100 mm and 150 mm, which are suitable for both corridor or wall installation, make the system suitable for all kinds of applications. The basic mechanical system, with a low number of components, is the same for both installation heights 1 Aluminium girder (LM) 2 Basic operator profile 3 Internal cover, 100 mm or 150 mm high 4 Wall connection profile 5 Service cover bracket Profiles for corridor installation, 150 mm Profiles for wall...

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ES 200 - 5

At the core of the ES 200 The prefabricated MiniDriveUnit has been industrially tested with all the requisite electrical and electronic components, thus greatly facilitating the assembly, installation and maintenance of the operator. Components 1 MiniDriveUnit 2 Power supply unit 3 Motor 4 Decoder 5 Basic module (BM) 6 Function module (FM) 7 Track rail and mounting profile 8 Rechargeable battery pack (optional) 9 Carrier head 10 Pulley (locking device) 11 Se rvice cover bracket 12 End stop 13 Door connection with adjustment device 14 Belt connection 15 Belt tensioning device

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ES 200 - 6

The professional operator for individual door design Door variants with ES 200, 100 mm installation height and special ”profile“ version 180 with MANET single-point fixings dormakaba PowerDrive System 180 180 for particularly punchy performance The door variants on this page are shown as corridor installation with aluminium girder (LM). See page 4 for profiles for wall 111 111 installation. with doubleglazing profiles type FLEX with standard frame profiles with thermo profiles FLEX Green Door variants with ES 200, 150 mm installation height and special ”profile“ version 180 with standard...

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ES 200 - 7

Drive unit Control unit Outside: Key switch, code card reader with floating contact or sim. Activator (combined sensor: activator/safety sensor) Emergency Program switch 230/240 V AC pushbutton, close to door 50/60 Hz Inside: Pushbutton * Safety sensors to monitor the secondary closing edges in accordance with DIN 18650 and EN 16005 **Safety sensors to monitor the main closing edge in accordance with DIN 18650 and EN 16005

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ES 200 - 8

The complete solution Automatic entrance systems require careful specification and installation to ensure safety and reliability in use. Commencing with a risk assessment survey, dormakaba will advise at all stages of design and installation so the correct methods of operation and user safety protection are adopted. Risk Assessment All automatic doors must be specified and installed following appropriate safety standards requiring risk assessment prior to installation and periodically during the life of the product. dormakaba are experienced with safety specification and can provide further...

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ES 200 - 9

Activation dormakaba automatic doors are designed and tested to meet a wide range of building entrance styles and user requirements. Access to the building can be controlled through a number of methods from simple switches and keylocks to intelligent access control readers. Wide choice of access methods from dormakaba: • • • Radar approach sensors, opening integrated with emergency escape systems Manual pushbuttons with high visibility and ease of use for disabled users. Access control readers using simple access fobs or fully integrated with a monitored access control system Maintenance...

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ES 200 - 10

dormakaba Wilbury Way Hitchin Herts SG5 2TA

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