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ENTRANCE SYSTEMS — The complete range of automatic & revolving doors and glass sliding walls

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ENTRANCE SYSTEMS  THE COMPLETE RANGE ACCESS FOR ALL — Entrance Systems DORMA is the trusted global partner for premium access solutions & services enabling better buildings. In the business segments of door closers, automatic and revolving doors and glass fittings the company is a member of the world elite. Tradition & technology. Service & security. Competence & comfort. No matter what sort of door application you are planning, DORMA has the door system to operate it. DORMA offers a total range of automatic slide and swing doors to assist with access into and around a building, and so help...

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ENTRANCE SYSTEMS THE COMPLETE RANGE Sliding Doors 8-11 Space Saving Doors 12 Glass Sliding Walls DORVISION An intelligent door management system that provides efficient door monitoring and real-time remote handling of all the doors main controls as well as fault management. DORVISION provides users with a host of building management attributes and can also be configured for remote locking and unlocking to happen automatically at pre-set times of day. DORVISION can be interfaced with any type of automatic door, enabling multiple doors to be controlled from one central location helping to...

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ENTRANCE SYSTEMS  SLIDING DOORS AUTOMATIC SLIDING DOOR SYSTEMS — Ease of entry DORMA has a complete range of sliding door systems, making them ideal for every application. DORMA’s comprehensive range includes single and bi-parting doors perfect for either internal or external applications, curved sliding doors for a statement entrance and telescopic systems when space is an issue. DORMA systems are available fully framed, fine framed or in all glass. ES200 Sliding Door Operator Available as a single slider, bi-parting or telescopic unit. A powerful yet smooth motor provides virtually silent...

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SLIDING DOORS ENTRANCE SYSTEMS Choose from our range of automatic sliding door systems to allow design freedom and offer a complete system solution for your project: ST FLEX Modern fine framed profiles combined with the DORMA ES 200 Automatic Sliding Door Operator to form a visually appealing complete door system with a variety of applications. ST FLEX GREEN Illustrating DORMA‘s commitment to increasing energy efficiency and improving the sustainability of buildings, the ST FLEX Green comes with outstanding thermal insulation despite the slender frame. It satisfies the requirements of the...

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ENTRANCE SYSTEMS  SLIDING DOORS CURVED SLIDING DOORS — Create an impressive lobby DORMA BST is a complete curved sliding door package which creates an extremely impressive entrance and occupies significantly less space than a traditional straight sliding door. The unit is available in a wide range of sizes and in segment, semi-circle or full circle configurations offering designers and architects the ultimate in design flexibility. In addition the slimline frame of BST gives the unit a very attractive “all-glass” appearance. A wide range of curved sliding door designs, ranging from gentle...

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ENTRANCE SYSTEMS  SLIDING DOORS INTERIOR SLIDING DOORS — Silent operation using magnetic technology Outstanding user convenience and unique operational behaviour characterize the automatic sliding door operator CS 80 MAGNEO. The door is magnetically driven and therefore silent in operation. Ideal for use in both domestic and commercial applications. Electromagnetic drive operation For single-panel doors up to 80kg Clear opening widths from 650mm to 1060mm Simple installation, easy operation Silent operation making the unit ideal for home or office environments Exceptional safety lending...

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ENTRANCE SYSTEMS  SWING DOORS AUTOMATIC SWING DOOR SYSTEMS — Ideal for internal and external doors alike A compact swing door operator ED 100A/ ED250A, is perfect for both new build and retro-fitting to existing doors – both internal and external. The cover features the attractive Contur design and pairs of operators can be housed in a continuous aluminium cover, thereby offering complete design flexibility. Available with fully framed doors for high traffic environments or frameless doors for a more aesthetically pleasing finish. Elegant visual appearance: DORMA Contur design provides an...

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ENTRANCE SYSTEMS  SWING DOORS Wind Load Control Proven in cold environments The ‘Wind Load Control‘ function is ideal for windy sites compensating for heavy wind loads. Electronic latching action enabling the motor to support the spring to overcome doors seals, room to room pressure differentials and wind loads. Electromechanical swing door operators provide reliable performance even in cold environments. Instead of a closed hydraulic system, these operators are equipped with a multi-stage gear, which only requires a low amount of high-performance grease to provide outstanding operation....

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ENTRANCE SYSTEMS  SWING DOORS LOW ENERGY SWING DOORS — When assistance is needed ED 100LE/ ED250 LE is the perfect operator for offering increased access and independence to people that would otherwise be restricted by conventional manual swing doors. This is particularly important as all buildings must comply with the requirements of the Equality Act.

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ENTRANCE SYSTEMS  SWING DOORS A low energy operator will act as a conventional door closer allowing manual operation of the door. If assistance is required the door can be operated automatically. Activation can be via a push pad or for regular users remote control activation is possible. Elegant visual appearance: DORMA Contur design provides an operator height of only 70mm Efficient closing due to an electronic latching action enabling the motor to support the spring to overcome door seals, room to room pressure differentials and wind loads Manual operation with assistance on demand...

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ENTRANCE SYSTEMS  SPACE SAVING DOORS SPACE SAVING DOORS — Where space is at a premium Balanced Doors The unique RST space saving door offers maximum passage width within a minimum structural width. The RST is designed so that the door leaves perform a swivel and slide motion in the smallest of spaces. Additionally the frame options allow for the robustness of a extruded aluminium system or the visual appeal of a fine frame with either toughened or laminated glass to suit. Features. • • • • Facilities for connecting to external devices as standard A powerful unit providing functional...

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