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Biometrics - 1

Expertise for biometric solution

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Biometrics - 2

Biometrics – Solutions from Kaba Kaba is the leading manufacturer for biometric solutions in time and attendance, shop floor data collection and access control. From the large number of possible biometric methods, Kaba has decided in favor of fingerprint recognition as the identification method. It has been accepted as the most popular method among users and as the leading biometric method on the market. Convenience, no forgotten badges, clear identification, and the avoidance of misuse are just some of these advantages. Biometrics offers you the 2 opportunity of achieving a clear reduction...

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Biometrics - 3

Functioning of the fingerprint method Digital image of a fingerprint showing the minutiae recognized and used by the system. The minutiae are transformed via an algorithm and stored as a reference template. The careful recording of the fingerprint, which is saved as a reference print, ensures a perfect and quick functioning of the biometric solution in the entire system. How does biometric recognition with fingerprints work? The concept is easy. The biometric reading unit creates a digital image of a The most important prerequisite for fingerprint based on unique features of a smooth and...

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Biometrics - 4

Functioning of the fingerprint method Enrollment HR System Access system HR System Access system B-Net 91 07 for transmitting the the reference template to the badge Ethernet Transmitting the reference template to the reader module of the terminal Checking the data record Checking the data record Fingerprint Data base Data base containing the reference template in the reader module of the terminal 4 Badge containing the reference template The identification procedure – 1 : n comparison of the fingerprint data The verification procedure – 1 : 1 comparison of the fingerprint data With the...

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Biometrics - 5

For communication – B-COMM Java Option Biometrics With the integration platform B-COMM Java – Option Biometrics Multi-site operation with decentralized enrollment B-COMM Java Server and Template data memory B-COMM Java IO we offer you the communication structure for data exchange between Headquarters the biometric terminals and the software application. Integrated into B-COMM Java GUI Biometrics Enrollment and template administration Terminals with biometric reader your IT structures, you can integrate one or all company sites into a holistic solution with B-COMM Java. B-COMM Java GUI...

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Biometrics - 6

The range of products – for your biometric solution Our range of products for biometrics is a wide one. It incorporates terminals, 6 You can select the biometrics module with different capacities for the storage subterminals with different control units and various components for the imple- mentation of your requirements of a biometric data collection. The integra- The terminals with biometric module can tion platform B-COMM Java – Option be operated intuitively and safely by Biometrics also makes it possible to simple user guidance and have proven use existing RFID terminals from Kaba...

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Biometrics - 7

The future of biometrics and its benefits Your benefits at a glance • Use in any applications of data collection • Biometric traits cannot be forgotten, lost, spied upon or stolen. • Simple handling with high acceptance • Legal certainty - who identified themselves when • Option to select between identification and verification solution Kaba has opted for the fingerprint as Our know-how helps to integrate method the preferred biometric recognition such as iris recognition, vein biometrics system for good reason. In tests, it or other technologies into the overall system. The integration...

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Biometrics - 8

Subject to technical changes without notice! Order-No. 04036369, Issue P/0910 Kaba GmbH Workforce Management Albertistraße 3 78056 Villingen-Schwenningen Germany Phone +49 7720 603-0 Fax +49 7720 603-102

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