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Dimplex 2020/2021 - 2

Constant change has become a constant. Our lives and homes are more and more flexible, conscious and sustainable. Fixed values seem to be increasingly on the way out. We need positive vibes, fun, beauty, intimacy and atmosphere to be able to go with the flow! In all that’s going on, we create restful moments. Silence has a calming effect on the hyperactive, loud times in which we live. Home is a place where the balance is restored and the longing for serenity can be fulfilled. We return to the familiar. We rediscover and appreciate craftsmanship, skills and natural processes. People move...

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Dimplex 2020/2021 - 3

City smart In the city we have to be flexible, efficient and sustainable in how we deal with our space and materials. This results in an increasing need for small, flexible homes. Small apartments, containers and tiny homes are good examples of this. A Dimplex fireplace is a sustainable solution and should fit anywhere, even in the smallest space. Communities There is an increasing number of communities, where people live together and look after each other, living for example in apartments with individual space that can be subdivided as required by means of flexible wall partitions. There...

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Dimplex 2020/2021 - 4

New standards to design and enjoying a fire are clearly set by the new Ignite XL series, which allow an unprecedented panoramic view of the flames. The colour of the LED illuminated interior can be adjusted to suit any occasion.

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Dimplex 2020/2021 - 5

This inset fire creates more atmosphere in any room. The flame effect and the advanced Optiflame LED technology are a real eye-catcher. It creates a realistic flame effect that comes up from a bed of decorative glass.

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Dimplex 2020/2021 - 6

Picture the perfect fireplace. But forget about venting and heat, because flames are made of pure water vapour and LED light. Flames you can reach out and touch. The revolutionary Optimyst® Cassette models redefine the electric fireplace and enable you to add a dramatic fire feature to any space, with stunning realism.

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Dimplex 2020/2021 - 7

A modern inset fire with great options to enjoy it any hour of the day and year, such as a lively and safe electric Revillusion® log fire with adjustable brightness, extra ambiance lighting to illuminate its interior, a timer and a heater with cold air fan function.

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Dimplex 2020/2021 - 8

The latest of Dimplex’s electric fires with Revillusion® technology can be experienced in the luxurious and all new Vivente models. First of all by its renewed and improved flame effect overrealistically glowing logs. Available in 3 sizes, in front-, 2- or 3 sided layout.

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Dimplex 2020/2021 - 9

A modern, wall-hung fireplace housing the uniquely OPTI-V DOUBLE complete and intense Opti-Virtual® fire experience, developed by Dimplex. With ultra-realistic flickering flame effect, sparks jumping from glowing logs and the crackle of a wood fire.

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Dimplex 2020/2021 - 11

toluca - The ■all hungi fireplace enables you to enjoy a quality Dimplex fire nearly anywhere and in any interior style. Extremely easy to install in the smallest of spaces. sp16 - This wall fire is nearly a meter wide, to create a big impression. With flames rising above a very realistically glowing log fuel bed, within a black surround.

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Dimplex 2020/2021 - 12

verdi - Quickly to install, yet a lasting focal point in even the smallest living room. Designed for quality time around the realistic fire, while enjoying pleasant warmth. Its beautiful flame effect to the famous Optimyst® fire. lucia - Traditional fireplace style with modern touch in matt black finish. The Lucia fits in every small interior and owes its beautiful flame effect to the famous Optiflame® fire.

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Dimplex 2020/2021 - 13

bellini black - Clear contrasts and sleek lines mark the Bellini black. The white surround and black front panel will suit a wide variety of both classical and contemporary interiors. The Bellini owes its beautiful flame effect to the famous Optiflame® fire. opti-V® 360 - With its striking and uncompromising design, the Opti-Virtual® 360 can already be regarded a modern classic.

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Dimplex 2020/2021 - 14

cubic - The distinct yet sleek metal design of the free standing Cubic will bring you the joy of fire for many years. It’s ever changing, free floating flames and smoke are due to Dimplex’s own Optimyst® system. Enhance the flame effect with the optional mirror back panel. danville - A modern fireplace insert, with a 3D flame effect and glowing wood blocks that continue to fascinate. Available in three different designs to create your personal style: powerful black, beautiful chrome or classic bras

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Dimplex 2020/2021 - 15

haydn - The Haydn has a classic country style, with a touch of modern. Experience the pure feeling of an original fireplace, thanks to the brick back panel and the realistic flames burning in the middle, above softly glowing logs. sherwood - A big, modern fireplace in a high gloss white finish. Unique realistic fire due to the Revillusion® technique.

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Dimplex 2020/2021 - 16

ravel suite - The Ravel is a modern styled suite. It has a concrete lookalike base with black and white finish. stockbridge - Luxury free-standing electric fire with the 3-dimensional Optimyst® fire. A playful flame effect is created by the ultrafine water mist and the halogen lighting.

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Dimplex 2020/2021 - 17

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