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PRIMER – water-based AQUABOND Adhesion primer for plasters and levelling compounds Ready-to-use adhesion primer with granular aggregates for creating a good bonding bridge on the types of substrates commonly found in the building trade, ensuring optimal adhesion of plasters, smoothing compounds and tile adhesives. Its dry film is characterised by good grip even on very smooth and waterproof mineral substrates. The product is single-component, readyto-use and is applied quickly, in a single coat, by roller or brush. or unglazed tile substrates. Thanks to the adhesion given by the product, these substrates can be coated with Diathonite line plasters, other lime-based plasters, cement plasters, smoothing compounds, tile adhesives, paints and other types of acrylic coatings. The product can be applied both indoors and outdoors. ADVANTAGES • Quick and easy to apply. • Elasticity and durability over time. • Excellent adhesion even on polystyrene slabs. • Rapid drying. • Ready to use (aggregates are perfectly in solution). • Optimises construction time. • Solvent free product. • Neither toxic nor flammable. STORAGE The product must be stored in its original, perfectly closed containers, in a well-ventilated place, away from sunlight, water and frost, at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C. SUBSTRATE PREPARATION 0,20–0,25 kg/m2 depending on the degree of absorbency of the substrate. Water green. The substrate must be completely hardened (properly cured) and have sufficient strength. The surface must be thoroughly clean, dry, well consolidated and free of crumbling and loose parts. 20 kg plastic bucket. 5 kg plastic bucket. Pallet: − No. 48 20 kg buckets (960 kg); − No. 20 cartons (4 pieces each) (400 kg) Ensure that the plaster is consistent and well adhered to the substrate, otherwise provide for partial or total removal. In the case of painted plaster, ensure that the paint is well adhered to the plaster by tapping at several points on the surface. Given the wide variety of paints on the market, it is advisable to carry out a test to check the adhesion of the system. However, as with any plaster, to ensure optimal breathability and adhesion to the substrate, the existing paint should ideally be removed. FIELDS OF APPLICATION Aquabond is designed to improve anchorage on various types of substrates such as cement or lime-based plaster, smoothing plaster, painted plaster, smooth concrete surfaces, prefabricated concrete panels, cork or plasterboard panels, stone, wood, metal, glass PRIMER – water-based The indications and prescriptions given, while representing our best experience and knowledge, are to be considered indicative and must be confirmed by exhaustive practical applications. Diasen does not know the specifics of the application and even less the determining characteristics of the application support. Therefore, before using the product, the applicator must in any case carry out preliminary tests to verify its perfect suitability for the intended use and, in any case, assume all responsibility that may arise from its use. In the event of any uncertainties or doubts, contact the company's technical office before starting work, it being understood that this support is merely an aid for the applicator, who must in any case guarantee that he/she possesses adequate skills and experience for laying the product and for identifying the most suitable solutions. Always refer to the latest updated version of the technical data sheet, available at which cancels and

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AQUABOND Adhesion primer for plasters and levelling compounds If the paint is well adhered, it is the responsibility of the applicator to check its stability and compatibility with the plaster. may be necessary to apply the product in several layers. 4. Once Aquabond has dried, the substrate should feel rough to the touch and take on a greenish colour. 5. Wait until Aquabond is completely dry before applying the plaster. Panels Ensure that the panels are well fitted together and that there are no open joints. Due to the large variety of panels on the market, we recommend carrying out a...

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AQUABOND Adhesion primer for plasters and levelling compounds Always use personal protective equipment when handling and follow the product's safety data sheet. * These data, although carried out according to standardised test methods, are indicative and may be subject to change as specific site conditions vary. Technical Data* Features according to the absorption degree of support Aspect Colour Mixing water Application temperature Drying time (T=23°C; U.R. 50%) Storage liquid green If necessary, 5% water +5 /+35 30 12 months in original containers and in dry places 20 kg (4.07 gal U. S.)...

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