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DESSO Sound Master® The carpet that improves acoustics

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Join us on Facebook: Watch our videos on YouTube: ^ Follow us on Twitter: jQj Look for Desso Descriptions, colours and specifications are subject to change without notice. Desso is not responsible for typographical / photographical errors. Actual product may differ from illustration. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the prior written consent of the copyright owner. The information presented in this document does not form part of any...

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Innovation to improve the quality of everyday life At Desso, we are always asking ourselves how our carpet solutions can do more for people in their daily lives. The development of products that make a difference is at the heart of our business. Desso is committed to delivering superior products and developing pioneering solutions through continuous innovation. Our innovation strategy is concentrated in 3 key areas: Creativity Functionality Cradle to Cradle® Spearheaded by Desso’s design philosophy CARPETECTURE® and our international concept Circles of Architects® Pioneering solutions that...

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The impact of noise Sound is all around us; with a distinction to be made between the sound we want and the sound we have to put up with. Sound can be functional and pleasant, but when sound becomes noise, it can be disturbing or even affecting human health. Noise can have an adverse impact on people in offices, classrooms, hospitals and other commercial buildings1), interfering with their daily activities at work or school and at home. People’s performance levels and ability to concentrate can be negatively affected by noise and it can make it harder for them to share knowledge with one...

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What is noise? Noise is an unwanted sound; its intensity is measured in decibels [dB(A)] . The decibel scale is logarithmic, so a three decibel increase already represents a doubling of the noise intensity6). Duration of exposure is another important factor to determine the potential risk of noise. 6) 8 120 to 140 [dB(A)] 90 to 100 [dB(A)] 75 to 90 [dB(A)] 70 to 80 [dB(A)] 50 to 70 [dB(A)] School rooms 30 - 40 Offices 30 - 40 Open plan offices 35 - 45 35 - 50 Manufacturing workplaces, workshops Some common sounds and their decibel levels: Rock concert, jet take-off, gun shot Power tools,...

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sound level (dB(A)) intensity duration time (seconds) generated sounds reected sounds Sound absorption Sound absorption7) indicates the noise and echo effect in an area and is expressed by the (weighted) α value (αw). An αw of 0.00 means no sound will be absorbed by the material; a value of 1.00 means all sound has been absorbed. Sound absorption positively affects both intensity and duration of noise. Dimensions of acoustics Acoustics is the interdisciplinary science that deals with 80 +15 dB 60 loudness, dB Room Sound Absorption +9 dB signal +3 dB 40 -3 dB 20 0 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24...

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DESSO SoundMaster® The carpet that improves acoustics In general, carpet can contribute to improving the acoustics in many environments, such as offices, schools and care homes. DESSO SoundMaster® performs even better against all acoustic measures. DESSO SoundMaster® offers an impact sound insulation value (∆Lw) up to +15 dB above the standard value10), thereby setting a new industry standard in carpet performance. Carpet in general reduces the impact of sound by between 20 and 30 decibel11). DESSO SoundMaster® achieves an improvement in sound absorption performance up to +0.15 (αw)10),...

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DESSO SoundMaster® Defined dyestuff PA 6 - PA 6.6 yarn Primary backing Precoat + stabiliser up to +0.15 (αw) (= up to +100%) improvement in sound absorption Bitumen based layer with stabiliser + glass scrim DESSO SoundMaster® (100% PES (80% recycled content)) Expertly designed to create quiet spaces up to +15 dB improvement in impact sound insulation DESSO SoundMaster® helps to create a productive and calm environment in offices, schools, hospitals and other commercial buildings. The layered design of the carpet tile, and especially the SoundMaster® backing, optimises the sound absorption...

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Sound Absorption DESSO SoundMaster ® Proven effectiveness in improving acoustics 1,00 αs ∆L Impact Sound Insulation 50 Dash SoundMaster Dash 40 0,80 30 0,60 20 0,40 10 0,20 Dash SoundMaster Dash 0,00 0 63 The acoustic tests are performed under laboratory conditions by the independent, accredited German test institute SWA13), which specialises in acoustic and heat technical tests and consultancy. The carpet is tested on impact sound insulation on a concrete floor14), dropping a small standardized metal ball from a given height (simulating foot steps) and measuring the sound in the room...

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DESSO SoundMaster sound soution Further tests performed by the acoustical engineering agency Bureau De Fonseca (based in Belgium) provided more evidence that DESSO SoundMaster® carpet tile backing helps to improve acoustics and therefore the learning environment in the classroom171. Both specialised software analysis18)191 and on-site measurements in a real classroom situation show that carpet with SoundMaster® backing achieves a shortening of the reverberation time and a reduction of the background noise in comparison to ceramic tiles and linoleum. This achievement is based on the...

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Sound Absorption Impact Sound Insulation DESSO SoundMaster® difference in intensity sound level hard oor high sound absorption low sound absorption carpet carpet hard oor difference in duration acoustic quality time (seconds) generated sounds Enhancing reected sounds neighbour not disturbed neighbour disturbed According to the additional research by Bureau De Fonseca, DESSO SoundMaster® improves the acoustic environment in three ways21): 1. It limits the reverberation time by reducing acoustic reflections (improved sound absorption) 2. It reduces the generation of disruptive sounds within...

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