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DESIGN VISION Carpet is our link between mankind and architecture. It is the layer that enables us to have a positive influence on the world: to stimulate the senses, to shape perceptions of buildings and to meet the needs of society. All Desso products are distinguished by the synergy of these three pillars. Creativity, Functionality and Cradle to Cradle®. Three important sources feed these pillars. Inspiration feeds creativity. For Desso, creativity means combining insights, ideas, knowledge and experience into functional, attractive products and services. We set out to explore the worlds...

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CIRCLES OF ARCHITECTS® CARPETECTURE® When you throw a stone into water, something happens. The displacement creates ripples, like an idea spreading wider and wider. That’s the effect of Circles of Architects®; an international concept which Desso first launched in 2007. In 2007, Desso first launched its innovative new concept; CARPETECTURE®. It is a powerful example of Desso’s commitment to creative carpet design and its dedication to answer the needs of architects, interior designers, building owners and end users. In these sessions, we look at spatial use and carpet applications from a...

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PATTERNS@PLAY COLLECTION This collection is all about identity and removing the anonymity of large spaces. Allowing buildings and interiors to ‘tell a story’ and break through the modest image of structures to give a space a stronger personality. Applied patterns help to visually subdivide large interior spaces, define functional areas and traffic paths, create visual interest and relate the surface to the human dimension. In this way, pattern design becomes as functional as it is decorative. PATTERNS@PLAY offers a blend between structure and pattern in new innovative carpet designs....

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THE DESIGNER ABOUT VISIONS As a designer, I want to continuously challenge myself to break the traditional boundaries of flooring design. For ‘Visions of….’, I was inspired by the use of patterns in art, fashion, architecture and interiors. Patterns are not only eye-catching but also form a narrative arrangement by inviting you to elaborate on a story. I wanted to explore how to use these dynamic designs in a subtle, yet striking way, to deliver a truly innovative flooring experience. By applying cutting edge production technology and powerful pattern design, we were able to create a unique...

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VISIONS OF FLOWERS Visions of Flowers offers a pronounced floral pattern which is incorporated in the carpet tile design. When viewing the product across a larger area, it almost looks like a hard surface due to the flat nature of its structure. Yet when taking a closer look, the floral pattern becomes more apparent and brings nature’s vibrant colours into the flooring landscape. The colour line consists of 6 colours, ranging from elegant silver grey to more outspoken colours such as red, green, orange and blue.

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VISIONS OF LINES Visions of Lines draws its inspiration from linear elements in monumental architectural design. It creates an almost abstruse play with material, dimension, and structure within ordered architectural patterns. The Visions of Lines colour line consists of 4 colours, focusing on elementary colours, including blue, red and green.

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VISIONS OF SHARDS A surprisingly abstract pattern is what gives Visions of Shards its distinctive look. The construction of the product allows for an ever changing visual experience. It invites you to take note of its design, whilst never overpowering the space. The colour line consists of 6 colours; all expressive, yet nicely balanced with the choice of pattern and colour in the underlying layer.

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WILTON ENIGMA Wilton Enigma combines the classically elegant Wilton design with a refreshingly contemporary look. The rhythmic pattern of dots, lines and blocks draws its inspiration from the small, all-over patterns used in fashion. This, combined with powerful colour combinations to enhance the overall effect on the floor. Wilton Enigma is a woven broadloom product, available in 8 distinguished colours. 9503

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DASH Dash is a carpet tile with a playful combination of geometric blocks and lines, which create a commanding visual effect. This pattern adds an exciting sense of movement to a room and gives the space its own identity. The product consists of 8 neural colours and 4 surprisingly outspoken colour combinations. 9023

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GRIDS Large-scale, monumental patterns add subtle structure to large modern spaces. Grids is a carpet tile product which uses pattern to create a rhythmic, dynamic installation. The colour range consists of 16 tonal shades in a refined combination of matt and lustrous yarns. 9013

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THE DESIGNER ABOUT MOSAIC As a technical designer I look for the perfect combination of technical competence with creative design. The introduction of patterns into the interior does not require a revival of medieval craft techniques, but the application of innovative technologies which allow patterns to become the building blocks in modern interior architecture and design. Mosaic takes its inspiration from stained glass which is translated into a delicate flooring design where the surface is manipulated on different levels to create a three-dimensional look. Mosaic is a carpet tile,...

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VISIONS OF FLOWERS Colour: 5006 Colour: 4208 VISIONS OF SHARDS Colour: 6117 Colour: 7452 Colour: 6103 Colour: 5118 Colour: 9506 Colour: 8301 VISIONS OF LINES Colour: 4411 Colour: 7301 Carpet tile 50x50 cm / 100x100 cm Compactuft loop pile 4 colours Monolithic Colour: 8412 Colour: 9945 Colour: 7402 Carpet tile 50x50 cm / 100x100 cm Compactuft loop pile 6 colours Monolithic Carpet tile 50x50 cm / 100x100 cm Compactuft loop pile 6 colours Monolithic Colour: 8401 Colour: 4301 Colour: 8411

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WILTON ENIGMA Colour: 2088 Colour: 4202 Colour: 7161 Colour: 2101 Colour: 8213 Colour: 9532 Colour: 8511 Colour: 9503 Woven loop pile Colour: 9965 Colour: 9533 Colour: 9980 Colour: 7111 Colour: 8161 Colour: 9975 Colour: 8811 Colour: 9027 Colour: 9094 Colour: 9023 Colour: 9021 Colour: 9522 Structured loop pile Colour: 2913 Colour: 2915 Colour: 4301 Colour: 6102 Colour: 7001 Colour: 9027 Colour: 3923 Colour: 8521 Colour: 9013 Colour: 9021 Colour: 9091 Colour: 9503 Structured loop pile Colour: 1958 Colour: 4218 Colour: 3421 Colour: 6021 Colour: 6321 Colour: 7011 Colour: 7411 Colour: 8431...

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