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DESSO BRANDING BOOK Published by: Desso Corporate Communications Reproduction in part or in whole of this publication via printing, photocopying, microlm or any other means, whether within Desso or externally, is expressly forbidden without the written authorization of the Desso’s Corporate Communications Department. © Copyright Desso, 2009.

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Guardians of the brand The guidelines set out in this branding manual must be followed by all companies operating under the Desso name. Companies wishing to use the Desso brand should consult with the company to ensure plans meet brand standards – which are in place to ensure maximum brand benet for all Desso’s associates. For more specic advice on how to use the Desso brand and brand identiers please contact:

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WHAT MAKES US GREAT Standards exist to be improved upon, and the high standards we set in our work today present us with our challenges for tomorrow. We are determined to offer our customers the very best possible products, processes, applications and services. This dedication to excellence makes the company successful, and embraces our core brand values. Creativity Ambition Flexibility Cradle to Cradle

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CREATIVITY We are committed to extending the boundaries of what is achievable. We are constantly striving to create new and improved products and services which provide even better answers to our customers’ needs. AMBITION Desso is a company of enormous drive and ambition. Our strategy is not only to build and strengthen our current markets but to develop and widen our product portfolio. We aim to target activities that will increase our protability and earnings stability. FLEXIBILITY Desso possesses the ability to change – to respond quickly and effectively to the ever-changing business...

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It has always been important to DESSO to make beautiful, beneficial products. Now a new dimension of quality is added to this aim: C2C quality. Under this vision, quality no longer entails merely the tangible properties of the product, but also its effects on humans and the environment in the widest sense possible. It also entails the Identity of the company that produced the product. Following are the details of DESSO's C2C vision. • DESSO will incorporate the C2C thinking into its systems, • DESSO will adopt a general goal of progress for the implementation of 02O It will periodically...

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*CLEAR SPACE AREA An area of clear space must be maintained on all sides of the Desso image logo. To help designers in implementing this rule, we have constructed a framework for clear space based on the height of the letters Desso.

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Logo appears in red or black, If red is used it should be either PMS 179, or the CMYK (0,85,100,0) If paint colours are used onlu use RAL 2002 Use the tagline in 80% black or PMS Cool Gray 10, The preferred background colour for the Desso logo is white, When white is not possible use a black background Do not distort or recreate the logo in any way, Logo should never be used without the tagline, Always place the logo on the right top, Do not use the logo in any other way as shown below, Logo in Pantone 179 with marked clear space* Logo in CMYK with marked clear space* Logo in a black...

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CLEAR SPACE AND MINIMUM SIZE Maintaining proper clearspace protects the visual identity from competiting graphic elements such as text, photography, or background patterns that may otherwise divert attention from the signature. The Desso signature can appear in a variety of sizes depending on the layout and image area, but at some sizes legibility can be compromised. To protect against this, a minimum size has been established: The Desso logo should never be reproduced smaller than 3,5cm width. This is for the readability of the Desso tagline,

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Maintaining proper clearspace for example the Desso logo of 44mm width on a A4 paper. And always put the logo at the upper right corner

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Using Desso brand colours A consistency of colour is important regardless of media - the Desso shade is PANTONE 179 and colour match sheets are supplied with this guide for easy reference, ensuring the right result every time. It is also imperative that a consistent colour is carried through all e-media productions and the Desso shade is faithfully reproduced in all web content and PowerPoint presentations,

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DESSO brand colours CMYK: 0/85/100/0 PANTONE PMS 179 CMYK: 0/80/0/0 PANTONE PMS Cool Gray 10 DESSO, a Cradle to Cradle company (only in Bold)

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As an international brand Desso is aware of the need for global consistency in copy in both internal and external publications. For this reason all company copy should be presented in the Helvetica Neue LT Pro or Universe typefaces. For internet Arial is suitable, For extra attention or design possibilities we have the Elca Media Stencil type font. It contains only the DESSO name and numbers. NEW HELVETICA NEUE LT PRO THIN NEW HELVETICA NEUE LT PRO ROMAN NEW HELVETICA NEUE LT PRO BOLD NEW HELVETICA NEUE LT PRO HEAVY

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USE OF THE CRADLE TO CRADLE LOGO Below you will find the rules regarding the use of the Cradle to Cradle logo: • The Cradle to Cradle® Trademark logo is only for internal use, EPEA has to give their approval for all special cases in which we want to use this logo externally • The Cradle to Cradle Certification mark relates to DESSO's product certification and can be used only combined with DESSO's certified products, Cradle to Cradle CerfW™ is a certification mark of IIBDC For DESSO in general the following pay off can be used DESSO, a Cradle to Cradle company If there are any questions or...

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Desso is a company that strives to improve the lives of those with whom we deal We want to work with our customers to create solutions to their needs. All our written communications should reflect this attitude. All written communication should bolster the Desso brand identity not only with what we are saying but also with how we are saying it. The following guidelines will ensure that our writing makes the right impression every time • Writing style should reflect the style of specific customers and should feel familiar, not uncomfortable to them • The interests of the reader should be...

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