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Desso Materials in Touch Brochure

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OUR VISION How to make the floor work for our health and wellbeing? We want to be the world leader in making environmentally responsible flooring products that deliver outstanding value in design and functionality and thus contribute to people’s health and wellbeing. Today, most people spend 90% of their time indoors. This makes it imperative that we create healthy interiors. As a supplier of carpets to the commercial and consumer sectors, we believe it is our responsibility to develop products that contribute to a healthier living and working space. At Desso, we say ‘The Floor is Yours’ to...

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OUR INNOVATION STRATEGY People talk about the ‘Great Outdoors’, where they go for fresh air. But we know that people really spend most of their time indoors – 90% of their time in fact. And people are consuming things they cannot see, such as fine dust or potential VOC’s from paint, PVC, plastics, etc. This leads us to ask: How can we make our carpets work better for people? How can we create the ‘Great Indoors’? Our innovation pillars of Creativity, Functionality and Cradle to Cradle® design enable us to achieve this: to create carpets that improve people’s health and wellbeing when they...

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CIRCLES OF ARCHITECTS® When you throw a stone into water, something happens. The displacement creates ripples, like an idea spreading wider and wider. That’s the effect of Circles of Architects®, which Desso first launched in 2007. The international Circles of Architects® network is focused on engaging architects and designers in face to face conversations and online networking. We do this to gain inspiration, new insights into markets and trends and finally co-create innovative and stunning carpet designs.

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CARPETECTURE® CARPETECTURE (kahrpee – tek chure): noun A mood-creating experience, inspired by encounters with architecture. In 2007, Desso first launched its innovative new concept: CARPETECTURE®. It is a powerful example of Desso’s commitment to creative carpet design and its determination to meet the needs of architects, interior designers, building owners and end users. CARPETECTURE® is a new way of thinking, incorporating elements from modern international architecture to create emotionally expressive carpet designs. It is inspired by changes in architecture and by how people think...

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MATERIALS IN TOUCH COLLECTION The Materials in Touch collection has been developed to appeal to an architect’s desire to create a sensory experience within interior spaces. By designing tactile, materially rich qualities both in look and feel, the floor becomes a vehicle through which to connect to the user of the space on a more human level. In an outside world that is becoming increasingly harder and more threatening, people begin to feel a strong need to try and create a warmer and more personal atmosphere both at home and at the workplace. The textured carpet tile collection has been...

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FIELDS The irregular design of Fields gives a serene appearance in the interior whilst still demonstrating expressive details of enlarged loops and a playful effect of thin black threads in the yarns. This design also gives Fields the distinct impression of a hand-woven textile. The line consists of 8 colours with a clear focus on neutral colours with the exception of an expressive red. This solitaire colour gives emphasis to the neutral colours and displays the character of the product. The neutral colours include both warm shades of grey and beige as well as cooler shades of grey and...

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RIBBLE Ribble is a rich high-low structure carpet tile, which combines matt and shiny yarns to create a luxurious carpet solution where the variation in thickness makes it directional, but only subtly linear. The colour line consists of 7 colours where each shade is built up from 5 different tones, some tonal and others displaying more contrast. All colours are designed in a mix of matt shiny yarns which gives the product a subtle play of colours without being too overwhelming.

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TRACE The key characteristic of Trace is its very specific Compactuft™ loop pile construction, which creates a clean industrial look. It shows a refined pattern of subtly contrasting stripes against a neutral background. The colour line of Trace enforces the minimalistic, industrial character of the product. The range features clean, neutral colours in either warm beige, brown or grey tones or cooler shades ranging from light grey to anthracite. Tonal accent colours in blue, yellow or brown add a subtle touch whilst still maintaining an overall calm appearance. Trace is available in 6...

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TWEED Tweed with its two-directional pattern, creates an all-over design with the tactile character of fashion fabrics, defined by the organic pattern of irregular ‘flecks’. It touches the senses and adds materiality to the indoor environment. At the core of the colour line is a range of neutral colours, ranging from warmer shades of grey, beige and brown to cooler grays and anthracite. Brighter colours in red, blue and yellow tones bring liveliness to the overall appearance of the range. The colour line consists of 13 colours.

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FRISK Frisk has a rich structure and the smart use of tonal colours results in a distinct pattern with a calm and elegant appearance on larger surfaces. The design of Frisk refers to the natural irregularities of hand-woven textiles. The small stripes in both horizontal and vertical direction create a vivid look without being overwhelming due to the use of subtle colourations. This also allows the use of stronger colours to make a statement. The range consists of 16 colours with strong colours such as red, orange, pink, green, blue and yellow presented next to a strong base of neutral...

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ESSENCE STRUCTURE To offer more creative possibilities to the popular Essence range, a new addition called Essence Structure is introduced. This next to Essence, Essence Maze and Essence Stripe. Essence Structure has an organic design of rhythmic fading lines in gently contrasting colours. Each colour of Essence Structure can be combined with one or two plain Essence colours for creative floor plans. Essence Structure is available in 12 colours of which 8 are included in the Materials in Touch collection.

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