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shelter collection - 2

designed by Kimberle Frost in collaboration with the Museum of New Mexico Foundation

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shelter collection - 3

Shelter Collection designed in collaboration with the Museums of Santa Fe shel•ter (n.) The state of being covered and protected; protection; security. Shelter, meaning a refuge from elements, can be a garment that covers our bodies or as simple as a roof over our head, this overarching sentiment is artfully captured in the Shelter Collection. Inspired by many collections acquired though the Museum of International Folk Art and the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, Santa Fe, this collection captures the essence of the vast wealth of textiles, basketry and pottery through a beautiful and...

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shelter collection - 4

ABAYA As in the urban outer garment it is named after, Abaya, provides warmth and protection and can be worn either thrown over the shoulders or used as a blanket at night. Although typically made of rough wool with little embellishment, this updated fabric version is woven in a soft nubby wool/cotton construction in combinations of natural and bright solid colors.

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shelter collection - 6

BERBER STRIPE In the Middle Atlas Mountains where the Berber groups lived, wool was thefiber of choice for textiles simply because it was suitable for the climate. With its delicate detailing and bold colors, Berber Stripe, has the classic timeless appeal associated with traditional stripes found in Moroccan blankets.

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shelter collection - 8

VALANKA Distinguished by the use of color harmony and rich ornamentation, Valanka, exemplifies the different layers of the elaborate Macedonian costume. In this alluring modern day version, the woven motifs give the impression of having a hand crewel work feel thoughtfully stitched with a grid overlay.

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shelter collection - 10

YUNNAN Yunnan lifts its inspiration literally from the detailed sleeve of a man’s jacket found in the archives. The irregular geometric pattern becomes a backdrop to support bursts of multi colored metallic stripes.

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shelter collection - 12

ATTUSH Attush is a garment reminiscent of a standard kimono typically made of elm bark fiber and worn by the Ainu people of Japan. An elegant interpretation of one of the garments prominent curvilinear elements is highlighted in this elegant plush construction.

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shelter collection - 14

SUNDANCE The Sun, giver of life, warmth and growth, was the inspiration for this artfully executed design. As part of the Sun Dance, a sun dancer commits to dancing four years, for the four compass directions, as further reflected in the mottled ground and diamond element surrounding the sun motif in the pattern.

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shelter collection - 16

YORUBA Delicate hand stitching, usually of wild raw silk (sanyan) and cotton, along with YORUBA lace weaving are details found in a Nigerian wrapper. In this updated interpretation, two closely related colors float effortlessly on the face of the fabric to create the same hand woven effect.

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shelter collection - 18

YUCCA Traditionally, several varieties of the yucca plant are used for sewing splints on coiled baskets. Yucca, with its unusual play of matte chenille and translucent yarns, creates the same aesthetic found in coiling and twining.

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shelter collection - 20

SASHIKO Sashiko embroidery or quilting is an elegant art form developed to create beauty in simple objects. Basic hemp and cotton fabrics used by Japanese peasants were embellished with intricate hand embroidered sashiko. The woven version utilizes an overall star motif to bind the translucent tape filling yarn with the polyester warp.

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shelter collection - 22

RIO GRANDE The Rio Grande, a major river running through New Mexico, has separated major pueblos where beautiful pottery has been crafted for years. Guaco, a carbon paint made from the boiled residue of the Rocky Mountain beeplant , is commonly used in unique painted designs, as this woven version, simulates.

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shelter collection - 24

MORNING STAR Morning Star, the brightest star on the horizon at dawn, is considered a sign of purity and courage. This motif commonly found in basket designs, is thoughtfully woven with a special translucent tape yarn and boucle to create a magical effect to this fabric.

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shelter collection - 26

PIIKI The central diamond design found in many utilitarian baskets is called the “eye of the basket”. Piiki, a special bread made by the Hopi of blue corn, is traditionally served on a woven tray incorporating this important design element. The use of a multi colored twist yarn in combination with a luxurious rayon chenille gives this textile an elegant appearance and feel.

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shelter collection - 28

OLLA Olla, meaning any basket that is vase shaped, describes the exaggerated weave of this woven wall covering. The ladder-like design and balanced color palette give this pattern exceptional symmetry and timeless simplicity.

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shelter collection - 30

Abaya 3259 Contents Width Backing Warranty 65% Wool, 26% Cotton, 9% Polyester 55” Abrasion 50,000 Wyzenbeek none Cleaning S 5 years Attush 3269 Contents 51% Polyester, 49% Viscose Width 54” Abrasion 50,000 Wyzenbeek Backing Acrylic Cleaning S Warranty 5 years Berber Stripe 3268 Contents 49% Wool, 39% Cotton, 12% Polyester Width 55” Abrasion 50,000 Wyzenbeek Backing none Cleaning S Warranty 5 years *Fabric Shown Railroaded Morning Star 3257 Contents 43% Polyester, 41% Recycled Polyester, 16% Olefin Width 57” Abrasion 51,000 Wyzenbeek Backing none Cleaning WS Warranty 5 years Repeat none...

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shelter collection - 31

Valanka 3279 Contents 53% Rayon, 25% Cotton, 21% Recycled Polyester, 1% Nylon Width 56” Abrasion 54,000 Wyzenbeek Backing none Cleaning S Warranty 5 years Repeat V- 15¼” H- none Finish Stain Repellent Colorways 12 Yucca 3258 Contents 48% Recycled Polyester, 30% Polyester, 13% Rayon, 8% Olefin, 1% Nylon Repeat V- 15¼” H- none Width 59” Abrasion 54,000 Wyzenbeek Finish Stain Repellent Backing none Cleaning S Colorways 12 Warranty 5 years Yoruba 3289 Contents Width Backing Warranty 29% Nylon, 24% Polyester, 24% Rayon, 23% Recycled Polyester 54” Abrasion 90,000 Wyzenbeek Acrylic Cleaning S 5...

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