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SÉCURITÉ 24 months after the date of production, inside the original packaging not open. Stock away from moisture, freezing, in a well ventilated area at a maximum temperature of 30°c. Stocking above 30°c could result some difficulties in removing the protective film. CONSERVATION / STOCKING ISOdB FIXATION SYSTEM FOR PARQUET WITH SOUND INSULATION FIELDS OF APPLICATION DESIGN PARQUET F r a n c e ® Iso dB is a 2 in 1 system allowing immediate fixing of the parquet on the screed. It is a sound insulation underlay. No drying and reticulation time, Iso dB is ready-to-use and allows a fast implementation of the surface. This product consists of a layer of polyethylene froth grip in sandwich between two coats of adhesive butyl. Iso dB allows the fixation of massiv and engineered parquets in all wood species, while improving the acoustic performances according to the acoustic regulations of 1st January 2000 and the current DTU. Iso dB is compatible with a low temperature heated floor. DESCRIPTION FEATURES Accessories Adhesive face Insulating COMPATIBILITIES • solid wood flooring or engineered parquet floor (thickness : 10-14 mm and finishing products : varnished, oiled, ...) • width : 70-130/140mm for solid woodflooring up to 260 mm for engineered parquet floor • Laying à l'anglaise (standard laying) or coupe de pierre All other floors are not compatible. In any doubt, contact us. CHARACTERISTIC Thickness about 3,6 mm Area density about 2,8 kg/m2 Composition : adhesive Buthyl / Polyethylene Foam/ adhesive buthyl Sound insulation : LW=18 dB Test on air conditioner box-beam : NF B 54 008 satisfying performance Temperature application : +5 °cService temperature : -30°cSize : 1,0 m x 5 m (roll of 5 m2). Weight : 14kg/roll PATENTED SYSTEM

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DESIGN PARQUET F r a n c e ® SURFACE PREPARATION Surfaces compatible with Iso dB : concrete, aluminium, glass, tiled floor, wood based panels (medium, plywood, agglomerated pannel and OSB). Surfaces have to be cleaned, without dust, dry(<10%) and rigid. In the case of brittle, porous or fragile materials, it should be stabilized with primary P100. They must be smooth and free of grit that could pierce the Iso dB. The surface does not contain solvent. IMPLEMENTATION 1 - Preparation of one strip of ISO dB 2 - Fold up the ISO dB from 20 to 30 cm 3 - Unstick the protective film silicone 4 -...

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DESIGN PARQUET F r a n c e ® DESIGN PARQUET P.A. de TORCÉ Est - Montigné - 35370 TORCÉ - FRANCE Tél. 33 (0)2 99 49 66 66 - Fax 33 (0)2 99 49 66 67 e-mail : www. d e s i g n p a rq u e t . f r CONSERVATION – STOCKAGE Recommendations: Our technical advice for use, either by voice, written, or by tests are given at the best of our knowledge. It may be considered that these values are supplied as an indication which does not engage our responsibility and can’t be used as specifications. As we are unable to control the implementation of the product and due to the...

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