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DESIGNPARQUETFrance®Exotic / MassivexotenSpecial Parquet / Exotic / MassivexotenSpecial Parquet / Spezial-ParkettbödenNavylamSolid Exotic / MassivexotenSpecial Parquet / Spezial-ParkettbödenNavylam

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Fax : +33 (0)2 99 49 66 67 • • For more than 10 years, Design Parquet specialized in the manufacturing of customized solid wood flooring and accessories (solid skirting boards, steps, stair nose, stairs...). Design Parquet has known-how to adapt, to provide its customers with almost any solution they may require. From the most classic to the most way-out, from the most rustic to the most contemporary, solid wood flooring is never out of fashion and is suitable for every style. Stylish and comfortable, it is easily maintained and its wide range...

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3 posermSYSTÈMEBREVETÉ Navylam+ is an unique system easier and faster for laying bathroom parquet floor. Strips are already pre-oiled and with an double integrated joint. No sanding, oiling and joint laying. You just have to put some glue in the groove provided for and join strips. So, your parquet floor is finished and completely watertight. Navylam+ ist ein Einzigartiges System für eine einfache und leichtere «Schiffsdeck» Parkettverlegung. Die Dielen sind bereits vorgeölt und mit einer integrierten Schwarzfugenmasse versehen. Sie brauchen nicht mehr schleifen, ölen oder Fugenmasse...

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P.A. de TORCÉ Est • Montigné • 35370 TORCÉ • FRANCE Tél. +33 (0)2 99 49 66 66 • Fax +33 (0)2 99 49 66 67 E-mail : Design Parquet has a special ability in making special parquets. Our widely recognised skills have enabled us to reply to many special requests by prestigious names. Thanks to our teams of cabinet-makers, Design parquet will make reproductions of antique wood flooring, rosettes, panels and will made-to-measure parquet for special purpose. Design Parquet hat eine langjährige Erfahrung in der Herstellung von Spezial-Parkettböden....

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