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DELTA DORE TYDOM Home Automation makes your life easier

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TYDOM AND MY CONNECTED HOME TYDOM is a new generation of Home Automation solution that enables you to control your house, your second home or your office, localy or remotely, from your Smartphone or tablet. Simplicity for each member of the family. TYDOM makes your lives easier, more comfortable and secure. You can even make energy savings too. Chose the TYDOM that meets your needs. Without subscription, each TYDOM solution includes a gateway and an application to control your connected devices wherever you are. Protect your family and your personal belongings Control your home localy or...

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INSTALL HOME AUTOMATION AT YOUR OWN PACE All your equipment, existing or future, can be connected to TYDOM, whithout neither demolition nor redecoration ! Simply add new Home Automation functions whenever you want : Upgrade your Home Automation, according to your budget, in a way that is quick, simple and easy. SAVE TIME BY CREATING YOUR OWN SCENARIOS Leaving for work, coming back from holidays, hanging out with friends … Create your own scenarios and activate them in a click ! An intuitive application, which you can customise with pictures of your home TYDOM KEEPS YOUR PERSONAL DATA SAFE...

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TYDOM 3.0 All your home Automation TYDOM 1.0 Home Automation is accessible to all The gateway and the application Alarm Heating Lighting Openings TYDOM 2.0 The optimal security for your home Receive SMS alert from the alarm and videos of the incidents Video control of your home localy or remotly Video detection Alarm Heating Lighting Openings One single application for all your multimedia and Home Automation Photorealism and videorealism for intuitive control Control multi brand equipments TV & Home Cinema Hi-fi Video detection Alarm Heating Lighting Openings Download the demo version on :...

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