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Keep an eye on what MATTERS THE MOST Full HD resolution (up to 1080p) Ensures an optimal image quality Excellent video streaming Depending on internet connection quality Secure encrypted video streams No risk of hacking your video Whether it is your home, your office, your family or your pets ... Privacy protection You can disable the remote access to your camera in order maintain to protect your privacy The TYCAM camera range is the solution that allows you to keep an eye on what really matters to you, wherever you are, from your smartphone or tablet. To check if your child arrived home...

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Thanks to TYDOM, also control : Live streaming function : To avoid missing out an event, the camera can be accessed 24/7 from your smartphone Connected cameras (function without subscription) Openings/ Curtains/ Blinds MUCH MORE THAN JUST A SIMPLE CONNECTED CAMERA TYCAM cameras perfectly complements your Delta Dore Home Automation system. TYCAM cameras add an extra function to the TYDOM Home Automation App : to see inside your home, whenever you want. Rest assured, at any time you can remotely control your comfort and security equipment.

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Installation REQUIRED EQUIPMENT : - Internet connection - Tydom Home Automation gateway For best results ask a professional installer. They will install and set up the TYCAM camera at the desired place, complementing your TYDOM 1.0 or 2.0 home automation gateway He will connect the camera to your smartphone or tablet and will explain how to use it. Outdoor connected camera : Indoor connected camera : - Wide angle 106° - Night vision - Waterproof - Wide angle 110° - Night vision - Wall-mountable or Table-standing NEW SERVICE COMING SOON : VIDEO RECORDING COM3700903 - Crédit photos : Stocksy...

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