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Smart security by Delta Dore professional quality, assured Offer your customers the best functionality & video quality. Our cameras are reliable and easy to install, in addition to being compatible with the entire Delta Dore smart home. With the Tycam range, take advantage of all the integrated functionalities with zero subscription costs! • Excellent image resolution: Full HD quality, wide angle • • • • • up to 130°, H265 Live streaming: 24-hour day, 7 days a week from the tydom app, with night vision. Adaptive resolution according to the connection speed and quality of the mobile network Continuous or detection recording Peace of mind: immediate alert in case of intrusion (with video) Integrated siren and alert notifications on smartphone and tablet • Customisable detection zones to avoid False alarms • Intercom function via Tydom app • Enhanced long range night vision even in the most • • • difficult conditions/total darkness (up to 10 metres for Indoor and 30 meters for Outdoor) Privacy setting: One click surveillance deactivation Video wall: up to 8 cameras in total Secure video streaming and local storage on encrypted SD card 16 GB included A professional quality smart security camera without subscription. Full HD picture quality with a great angle to keep an eye on all that is important within the home via the Tydom application. An outdoor smart security camera that deters those with prying eyes and protects your property. Its integrated detection warns you of any anomaly well in advance of a break in attempt. Fully waterproof and with an exceptional image quality, you can leave home with peace of mind. For a quick installation, use a POE switch that provides the power supply and the data transmission for up to 4 cameras max. (Cameras can be used in WiFi & POE) An accessory designed to protect the integrity of the security camera from

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