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Thanks to our solutions you can provide your customers with simple features to centralise and control lighting and openings locally or remotely. Here is our new generation of NANOMODULE receivers and transmitters! 100% French Design & Manufacturing Much smaller in size and much more innovative. Find out all about their advantages in the pages of this guide. The Nanomodules are designed by the Delta Dore development teams in Brittany, France. Saving in energy and electricity Simplified installation, suitable for fitting in flush-mounted boxes or lighting connection units thanks to their...

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Lighting On/Off receivers Possibility of controlling 2 lighting circuits from the same receiver They control 1 or 2 On/Off lighting circuits Lighting dimmer receivers Innovation under patent They control a dimmable lighting circuit from one or more wireless transmitters (remote control, TYDOM application, etc.) or a single or double push-button for local control Recommended if you want to add an additional control to existing lighting and/or to create a centralised control Dimming range optimised without flickering with integrated supply They create the right lighting ambience for your...

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Roller shutter motor receivers They control either: a roller shutter motor, a home cinema projector screen or a 12 V or 24 V motorised skylight (with 2 change-over current relays) thanks to the system automatically learning the travel time Blackout blind receiver It controls either: a blackout blind, an awning or an indoor slatted blind. It controls the orientation of the slats towards the inside/outside, depending on the type of blackout blind chosen They allow you to centralise and program your roller shutters It automatically sets the position of the blind depending on the strength of...

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Multifunction transmitter only one reference for several possible functions - 1 or 2 On/Off lighting channels using a single or double two-way switch or a single or double push-button And always on the lookout for ways to make your life easier, Nanomodules also comes in ready-to-install packs ! Create a wireless two-way system with neutral - 1 or 2 lighting dimmer channels using single push-button - 1 lighting dimmer channel using a double push-button Create a wireless two-way system without neutral - 1 roller shutter channel using a switch or push-button - 1 or 2 scenario channels using a...

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Tydom application, and the home is connected Round off the installation with a Tydom box and your customers will be able to control their roller shutters, set their lighting, program their heating, check their consumption, secure and monitor their home... locally or remotely from their tablet or smartphone. Smooth and rapid navigation Easy wireless changes according to your requirements Simple adjustments Built-in tutorials for more rapid configurations Possible to manage several sites You can already download the Tydom application for free and without subscription

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Sales information Ask your local merchant or your Delta Dore sales representative Head Office Delta Dore S.A. - Le vieux chêne 35270 Bonnemain France COM3701047 rev1 - January 2018 - Photo credit : Manuel Clauzier / Fotolia / Shutterstock

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