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Heating and THE CONNECTED HOME - 2

WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY Thousands of automation products installed globally since 2004 lOYEAR BATTERY DELTA DORE has been controlling energy in the residential and tertiary sector for nearly 50 years, using innovation to push the boundaries of both technology and design. We have introduced our extensive range of reliable RF controls to the connected world and with our own expertise and partnerships we present Tydom, a scalable gateway that becomes more and more adaptive as technology changes the world around us. COME AND EXPERIENCE OUR TECHNOLOGY Visit our website to find your local showroom....

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Heating and THE CONNECTED HOME - 3

Digital wireless room thermostat Digital wireless temperature dial room thermostat Control for Boilers / Zone valves / UFH / Pump & non-reversible heat pumps. Control for Boilers / Zone valves / UFH / Pump & non-reversible heat pumps. • Backlit screen setback, frost protection,off • + and – T°C control • Room T°C/set T°C display • Tamperproof/Lockable • Volt Free Contacts / 230 V • 5 year warranty • Larger Backlit Screen Pre-cabled, Pre-associated • Chrono-proportional Pre-cabled, Pre-associated setback, frost • Both Room T°C & set T°C displayed • Off button • Timed override • Temperature...

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Heating and THE CONNECTED HOME - 4

the connected home TYDOM IS A HOME AUTOMATION SOLUTION that enables your customers to control their house, second home or business premises, locally or remotely, from their smartphone or tablet. THE TYDOM APPLICATION Intuitively designed to make your installation more straight forward Clear and easily accessible settings Built-in tutorials for more rapid installations INTUITIVE FOR YOUR CLIENTS Smooth and rapid navigation Simple to use Secure access supports multiple users One Tydom application for managing several locations Free and downloadable application on stores ^ GETITON V* Google...

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Heating and THE CONNECTED HOME - 5

Home automation gateway for a connected home + Tydom application Connected thermostat pack Tydom application • Many configuration possibilities • Allows your client to control the • Single zone starter pack for boiler • Local or remote control of heating applications in their home from a smartphone or a tablet, locally or remotely (heating, lighting, alarm, gate, garage door, blinds, etc.) • Intuitive control • Free application with no fees or heat pump control • Boiler or heat pump control • Pack includes : 1 Tybox 5100 + 4 colour covers + 1 Tydom 1.0 gateway with feedback to determine the...

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Heating and THE CONNECTED HOME - 6

Zone thermostats for boiler / zone value or heat pump Zone thermostats and wireless receivers for electric underfloor heating • Wireless (Tybox 5100) or hard wired (Tybox 5000) thermostat, • Wireless control of electric underfloor heating / infrared heating programmable with the addition of Tydom 1.0 • Local or remote control of the heating and other applications from a tablet or smartphone thanks to Tydom 1.0 • Customised with optional covers • Zone thermostat or receiver control • Associate up to 16 RF 4890 receivers to a single Tybox 5101 thermostat • Local or remote control of the...

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Heating and THE CONNECTED HOME - 7

DELTA 8000Underfloor heating UFH Gateway Receiver • Connect to UFH wiring centre to enable RF communication to Tybox 5101 (thermostat) and Tydom 1.0 (programmer) • Ref: 6053049 UFH Wiring Centre • 24v or 230v wiring centre • 8 zones expandable to 16/32 via BUS/additional wiring centres • Terminals can be unplugged for ease of installation • Ref: 6053048 TYBOX 5101 • Wireless thermostat to be associated to each individual zone • Ref: 6300045 TYDOM 1.0 box • Internet gateway required for programming and for system compatibility • Ref: 6700107 For S plan + add Tybox 5100 for radiator zone...

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Heating and THE CONNECTED HOME - 8

TYXIA 2600 | Ref : 6351091 TYXIA 5610 | Ref : 6351405 TYXIA 4840 | Ref : 6351115 Need to add an additional switch to a room, do it in a way that blends with your existing switches. Features • Save time on installation, no channeling required • Compatible with most types of hard-wired switches • Easy to pair • Up to 100m wireless range • Secure communication protocol (X3D, 868 MHz) • The customer’s original switch design remains intact Keep the burglars guessing while you are away from home, program and synchronise your lamps. TYXIA 6610 Lamp rocker switch receiver: remove existing switch...

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Heating and THE CONNECTED HOME - 9

TYXAL+ | New wireless Alarm System DETECT The intrusion and fault detectors are in continuous communication with the control unit. Motion detector DMB TYXAL+ Ref: 6412286 Smoke detector DFR TYXAL+ Ref: 6412313 The main component of the system, the control unit, brings all the information together. Video motion detector DMBV TYXAL+ Ref: 6412287 SIGNAL The most important thing is to signal the break-in by means of the siren to deter the intruder. Siren alarm control unit CS 8000 TYXAL+ Ref: 6411121 Outdoor flash siren SEF TYXAL+ Ref: 6415221 CONTROL Activate or shutdown your system using...

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Heating and THE CONNECTED HOME - 10

TYDOM VIDEO PACK | Ref : 6410174 Alarm Starter Pack - Self monitored addressable at home or remotely via TYDOM TYDOM 2.0 IP/GSM home automation gateway -video monitoring (DMBV) TYXAL+PACK • 100% wireless - Battery only • Pre associated pack • Controls up to 8 zones • Manages up to 50 devices • EN 50131 compliant - Level 2 . Ref: 6410168 SECURITY & FIRE AWARDS TYDOM VIDEO PACK • Pack for receiving alerts from the TYXAL+ system and Providing visual confirmation both day night • Pre associated pack • Manage up to 50 devices in 8 zones • Must be associated to the CS 8000 • Ref: 6410174 * Google...

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Heating and THE CONNECTED HOME - 11

BE A CHAMPION OF THE CONNECTED HOME REVOLUTION Contact your representative via our website or local merchant and sign up to become a trained, certified & listed Delta Dore Connected Home Installer COM 3701006 - May 2017 - Photo credit : Manuel Clauzier / Fotolia / Stocsy / Shutterstock - Non-contractual photo. - Delta Dore reserves the right to change the information without prior notice. Technical Support

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