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CATALOGUE 2017-2018 - 2

ERIC CHENU COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR HOME AUTOMATION The connected home by Delta Dore 12 TYDOM HD application TYDOM 3.0 In 2016, our communications about connected solutions were central to our year, and more than 50,000 homes were able to enjoy the new features provided by TYDOM and its application. This 2017 edition of the catalogue looks to continue in this direction with even more innovations. These new features include new nanomodules, a new Tydom application and a revolutionary new range of blind Tymoov motors. We are determined to support you at every stage, which is why we have made major...

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CATALOGUE 2017-2018 - 3

DELTA DORE DELTA DORE INSIDE OUT Founded in the 1970's by Joël & Monique Renault, the Brittany-based company-is currently a family-run group with international reach. Our ambition: improving comfort and promoting energy savings by controlling connected objects. Delta Dore is the European market leader in connected homes Delta Dore products Delta Dore's home automation solutions continue to French design & manufacturing Products guaranteed for 5 years Present in over 40 countries through our partners and 8 commercial subsidiaries in Europe and Asia. 4 utility and simplicity. Our aim is to...

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CATALOGUE 2017-2018 - 4

DELTA DORE WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY OPEN TO USE WITH OTHER TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATIONS Partnerships for an extended offer I 868 MHz Compliant with European standards A frequency of 868 MHz avoids interference and scrambling that can occur as a result of 4G WIFI or GSM transmissions also being present. Transmission is secured and with only occasional minimal emissions (1 to 5 mW, a mobile phone permanently emits 600 to 2,000 mW). T>tom Qw i i This is the superior range possible between transmitter and receiver. Mesh network & repeaters enable a limitless system. In our aim to continually offer...

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CATALOGUE 2017-2018 - 5

BECOME A CHAMPION OF THE CONNECTED HOME with the support of one of the leading manufacturers in the field! DELTA DORE Training plays a key-role to help you develop skills and allow you to bring innovative solutions to your customers. 3 KEY MODULES ARE AVAILABLE TO PREPARE YOU FOR THE CONNECTED REVOLUTION; THEY ARE AVAILABLE ALL YEAR ROUND IN THE UK. HEATING SECURITY LIGHTING & OPENINGS Can be found on our website in the pro zone is located at the Delta Dore head office Do you have a commercial or technical question? Our advisers are here to help if you call on 0207660...

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CATALOGUE 2017-2018 - 6

DELTA DORE You'll be able to stay up to date with the latest news about our home automation solutions, our new services, but also our exhibition dates, future partnerships, opening times for Concept Homes, etc. FIND ALL OUR LATEST NEWS ON FACEBOOK: Product launches, a focus on our innovations, new services, details about our teams, etc. Stay in the loop bylikingour page! MEANWHILE ON TWITTER We share our latest news, as well as articles from our partners, bloggers and fans of new technology. Follow us and take part in discussions about subjects related to connected homes. New videos are...

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CATALOGUE 2017-2018 - 7

HOME AUTOMATION The connected home by Delta Dore p.14

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CATALOGUE 2017-2018 - 8

New or existing buildings Tydom controls all equipment in the home HEATING MANAGEMENT The right temperature at the right time combine comfort and savings Program each zone locally or remotely Monitor energy consumption to be able to respond to changes HOME AUTOMATION Home, work, holiday retreat ? Manage several sites with a single application, wherever you are PROTECTING YOUR FAMILY AND BELONGINGS Stay informed about what's happening in your home at all times View every room without needing to go anywhere Manage several zones to ensure everything in your property is protected in a way that...

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CATALOGUE 2017-2018 - 9

app ication WHAT'S NEW FOR YOUR CLIENTS? Smoother and faster navigation Simplified settings Secure access with login and password Multi-site Numerous options for personalisation (Database of symbols, favourites, tailor your home screen, etc.) Feedback display New navigation bar with different forms of control (programming, scenarios, control using photos of rooms in the home) You can already download theTYDOM application for free and without subscription Download on the

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CATALOGUE 2017-2018 - 10

HOME AUTOMATION TYDOM application designed to make your life easier Increased options for control partnerships control HEATING ALARM CAMERAS BLINDS/SHUTTERS GATE GARAGE DOOR LIGHTING Example of tutorials built-in to the TYDOM application / associate a receiver Press the receiver's button for 3 seconds.

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CATALOGUE 2017-2018 - 11

Application for connected home TYDOM APPLICATION FUNCTIONS The TYDOM application allows a smartphone or a tablet to control your connected home Application can be personalised with photos of the rooms in the home Examples of features: - Modify the home's temperature - Turn lights on and off - Open and close roller shutters, blinds, garage door - Turn the TYXAL+ alarm on or off - Monitor your home by watching live feeds through the TYCAM cameras - View up to 4 indoor or outdoor TYCAM cameras - Use scenarios to simplify your day to day control of your home (e.g. leaving scenario: press the...

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CATALOGUE 2017-2018 - 12

TYDOM 1.0 IP/GSM hub for the connected home TYDOM 2.0 FUNCTIONS Compatible with the TYDOM application p.24 Many configuration possibilities: - 32 heating receivers - 32 lighting receivers - 32 channels for roller shutters and blinds - 32 control system channels (gate, garage door, etc.) FUNCTIONS Compatible with the TYDOM application p.24 Video functions (with a video detector and alarm control unit): -Videoconfirmation ofan intrusion -Voiceor SMSalarm in case of intrusion,fire risk,etc. - Send an SMS upon Start-up/Shut-down of system (optional) - Configure 6 phone numbers -Audio...

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CATALOGUE 2017-2018 - 13

the multi-protocol solution for personalised home automation KNX MyHOME Personalised interface Importyour photosand images to benefitfrom photorealism & videorealism You can already download TYDOMHDand TYDOM HD DESIGN STUDIO applications for free without subscription HOME AUTOMATION ACCESS | SECURITY Door entry Connected lock Alarm Gate Garage door MULTIMEDIA Multi-room TV Multi-room sound Video projector HEATING | AIR CONDITIONING Quality of indoor air All types of heating LIGHTING Indoor Outdoor MOTORS Motor-driven bay windows Roller shutters Blinds Blackout blinds GARDEN swimming pool...

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