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Alarm System - 2

Tyxal+: the professional range p. 4 Tyxal+: the main principles p. 6 Tyxal+ Access Pack p. 10 Tydom Video Pack p. 12 Tycam Connected Cameras p. 13 Tydom 1.0 Home Automation Box for Connected Homes p. 16 Tydom 2.0 GSM Telephone Transmitter for Connected Homes p. 17 Lifedomus Multi-Protocol Home Automation Box with Customised Applications p. 18

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Alarm System - 3

Tyxal+: the professional range designed with you and your customers in mind Wireless alarm ensures speedy wireless assembly and installation of the highest professional standards, with no damage to interior decoration. Exclusive to Delta Dore A safe and long lasting product, requiring minimal effort for maintenance. Your customers will love the financial and environmental benefits of a longer battery life when they find out that the system's battery can last up to 10 years! Status report Your customers will be able to see visual confirmation that their commands have been received....

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Alarm System - 4

Detect intrusions, monitor, alert, centralise, interact in the home Reporting intruders and scaring them off Intruder detection Motion detectors Outdoor siren A powerful tone for a good deterrent effect. Door/window magnetic contacts Centraliser Siren control unit It is the essential element of the alarm system for a permanent interface with the elements installed. Protection from domestic hazards Smoke detector Mains power failure detector Detects power outages that exceed 30 minutes. Control Badge reader Leak detector Indoor keypad Touck screen keypad Outdoor keypad Key ring remote...

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Alarm System - 5

Detect intrusions, monitor, alert, centralise, interact Monitor and receive alerts Intruder detection Motion detectors in business premises Remote activation of alerts by telephone with control of the alarm, heating, lights and roller shutters. Door/window magnetic contacts Outdoor connected camera Dual lens video motion detector Visual confirmation for intrusion, both during the day and night Control Badge reader Outdoor keypad Touck screen keypad Indoor keypad Key ring remote control Always under control even remotely! With the TYDOM application, your customers can control their alarm...

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Alarm System - 6

The principle of wireless security Tyxal+ Access Pack Ref. 6410186 • Can manage up to 16 peripheral devices (excluding Tydom 2.0 and DMBV motion detector) • Wireless preconfigured pack 8-zone security with home automation control Tyxal+ Pack Ref. 6410168 • Can manage up to 50 peripheral devices • Wireless preconfigured pack I siren alarm control unit Manages 1 or 2 separate zones I touch screen indoor keypad System control and configuration with alarm status information 1 siren alarm control unit Manages 8 separate zones 1 touch screen indoor keypad System control and configuration with...

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Alarm System - 7

An extra touch: visual security Ideal for monitoring the home or small business • Pack for receiving alerts and providing visual confirmation both day and night • Can manage up to 50 peripheral devices (including 4 dual lens video motion detectors) • Wireless preconfigured pack • To be connected to a Tyxal+ alarm control unit • Not compatible with Tyxal+ Access pack • Quick and simple installation (compatible with all routers) • Secure video feed: prevents image hacking • Multi-site application: 8 cameras per site • Compatible with or without Tydom home automation box Video Tydom Pack Ref....

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Alarm System - 8

Tydom application : designed to make your life easier WHAT'S NEW FOR YOUR CLIENTS? Smoother and faster navigation Clear, easily accessible settings Just one Tydom application for managing several sites Simplified settings - Secure access with login and password - Voice assistant compatible Increased options for control thanks to our numerous partnerships Numerous options for personalisation (Database of symbols, favourites, tailor your home screen, etc.) Feedback display - New navigation bar with different forms of control (programming, scenarios, control using photos of rooms in the home)...

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Alarm System - 9

Smart home hub for connected homes IP/GSM smart home hub for connected homes • Simple to install: IP channel connects directly to your customers router (compatible with all routers) • Radio range: up to 300 meters in open field • Wireless connection with all compatible Delta Dore products • Free secure application with no fees lets you control your alarm system remotely • Simple to install: connects directly to your customers router (compatible with all routers) • Radio range: up to 300 metres in open space • Wireless connection with all compatible Delta Dore products • Free secure...

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Alarm System - 10

Lifedomus application : the multi-protocol solution for personalised home automation Large premises (Residential, Hotels, Businesses, Restaurants, Museums, Offices) Maintenance and remote access Multi-protocol home automation box with customised application Lifedomus • Ref. 6700113 • System compatible with X3D, KNX, RTS and Zwave • Simple maintenance, can be performed remotely • Send unlimited alert messages (notifications, emails, etc.) • View IP cameras (Axis, Mobotix, Vivotek, GigaMedia, etc.) • Compatible with Multiroom Sound systems such as Sonos, Heos by Denon, Yamaha MusicCast...

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Alarm System - 11

The Delta Dore ranges are all compatible with each An alarm product can also save heating energy! Fitting out your customers’ homes with window detectors will help them to reduce their heating consumption by protecting against forgetfulness. When connected to a thermostat or energy manager, the detector will send a signal when a window is opened and the heating will automatically switch into frost protection mode until the window is closed again. Find out more on pages 24 and 25. Tyxal+ DO • Ref. 6412288 Tyxal+ Radio door/window detector Tybox 5100 • Ref. 6050608 room thermostat An outdoor...

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Alarm System - 12

My Connected Home by Delta Dore Our concept homes are also designed to receive you, whether you are installers, distributors, architects, constructors or real estate promoters... Come here to receive advice or accompany your clients, so they can have a real life experience of solutions for their project. See you in : Rennes (FR) | Bordeaux (FR) | Düsseldorf (DE) | Barcelona (SP) Come and experience our technology : Visit our website to find your local showroom. Building Centre, 26 Store St, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BT Open Monday-Friday 09 :00 - 18 :00 | Saturday 10 :00 - 17 :00 22 on...

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