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Qualified and robust furniture with no use of noxious substances: to sleep peaceful dreams Furnished spaces to realize children’s desires and bright colours like chosen from a fell-tip box. The heart of any Dearkids’ bedrooms. Dearkids has been designing and manufacturing child bedrooms for over forty years. Successive generations have kept up with the changing tastes, the changing needs for space, the growing desire to enjoy day and night areas alike, transforming these inputs coming from the world of children and parents into products that are true to the principles of creativity and quality. An aspect, the latter, of paramount importance, determined by specific choices, expertise, and the fact that the company is located in the province of Como, in the most important Furniture Manufacturing District in Italy, devoted to excellence in terms of design and materials used. The materials, precisely. Solid wood (certified by Consorzio Vero Legno - quality hallmark for real wood products - with finishes in beech, light oak or cocoa-color ash) is widely used for the child bedrooms. Therefore they are robust, made to last in time, accompany the child and the teenager as he/her grows up. The warm feeling they convey is the real one of genuine wood. Carefully selected colors, spaces managed rationally and functionally (even the most difficult and limited ones), total customization, are the other assets characterizing Dearkids bedrooms. Customization means furniture conceived specifically for boys (in yellow, orange, green and blue) and for girls (in shades of pink and pastel blue), or having the child’s name engraved on the bed. Dearkids offers two collections - Compactcollection and Boxercollection: the former is suitable to exploit every little corner or space, the latter fits in better in large spaces without limitations. Both collections include different kinds of wardrobes, hanging units, drawer chests, desks. Moreover there are various types of wardrobes in different heights and widths, with sliding or hinged doors, and all able to take capacious drawers. These come in a beech, light oak or cocoa ash finish or in a lacquer-finished version in a wide choice of colours. You can also choose the lacquer finish and so personalise the inside of the wardrobes or cupboards, thereby guaranteeing a continuity of tones with the room when these are left open. Extending the possibility of playing with the space and individualising the bedroom, Dearkids offers units with drawers or a table top, a generous chest on wheels, easy-to-reach overhead elements, book cases with three different depths and wide shelves to allow effective organisation and to meet each child’s personal needs. This perfect book case system offers thousand of furnishing possibilities, adding to it doors and drawers so that areas can be fitted out to create a truly special context, alternating full and empty spaces with colours chosen for their possibilities of combination or contrast.

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For the desk, Dearkids proposes various solutions with a fixed straight-edged or moulded (following the client’s own design) 30mm-thick top or in 60-mm thick double panel; or again with a rototranslating top that uses a container element as a pivot to turn up to 90° thus always guaranteeing maximum stability. Each desk can be equipped with TV, satellite and telephone multi-socket. Thanks to its made-to-measure service for wardrobes and cupboards, shelving systems and desks, all Dearkids bedrooms can easily be adapted to fit a context of any dimensions. compact collection boxer collection...

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EASY COLLECTION | A collection of small and modular shelves and book cases. Dearkids is introducing a new collection for kids bedrooms - small shelves and book cases that can be combined to create forms suggested by everybodyís fantasy. 25 different colours and shapes that can be matched to meet all requirements. EASY TREE | A wall tree, a modular bookshelf. A bookshelf that looks like a tree, with branches formed by individual elements which can have different shapes and size, according to the users needs, just like every Dearkids bedroom. EASY BOX | A 3D book case with different depths....

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