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FEATURES • onstruction in grey skinplate, stainless steel look. C • ig loading door (opening of 180º). B • irect drive through a gearbox, no pulley. D • LECTRONIC CONTROL: Easy and intuitive to use, the E electronic control offers a complete control of the process. • EVERSING DRUM: All models offer the reverse turning of the R drum. • TAINLESS STEEL DRUM standard. S • OUBLE FLOW: Mixed axial-radial airflow to optimise and D maximise the airflow circuit in the drum. • GENTLE DRY: The new drum with stamped holes makes sure the linen is gently handled. • ULL SCREEN FILTER: New filter drawer with wide surface and F improved airflow. • ool Down: Anti-wrinkle at the end of cycle. C • odels available in electric or gas. M • elf-Service: there are three self-service versions: to connect to S a central pay, with a coin kit to work with coins/tokens, and with two coin kits (one for each microprocessor/drum). OPTIONS • CARE DRY: Intelligent Moisture Control. • PRINKLER: Integrated Fire Extinguishing System. S • ouble doorglass. D • tainless steel body. S • tainless steel front panel. S • odel versions in 60 Hz. M • arine versions 440V III 50/60 Hz No neutral or 480V III M

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TECHNICAL DATA Hourly Output Door center height Load hole bottom height Drum length Drum volume Drum motor power Total Installed power Electric Heating (Installed power) Gas heating (installed Power) in KW Gas heating (installed el. power) Evaporation capacity DRUM DIMENSIONS / PACKING DIMENSIONS Width / Width Depth / Depth Height / Height Net weight / Gross weight Noise level 1A. Fumes outlet (rear option) 1B. Fumes outlet (upper option) 02. Electrical connection 03. Gas connection 04. Anti fire water valves www.danube

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