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DPR-8 / 10 EM - DPR-10 BASIC EM


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DPR-8 / 10 EM - DPR-10 BASIC EM - 1

PROFESSIONNAL DRYERS DPR-8 / 10 EM - DPR-10 BASIC EM VERSATILITY OPL <> SELF SINGLE <> STACKED Can be stacked with a WPR washer or another DPR dryer. Reversible control panel (except Basic model) Suitable for many sectors: restaurants, hotels, gyms, campings, laundromats, nurseries, facility services (mops)... FEATURES EM PROGRAMMER: selection of time and temperature, simple and versatile (standard or self-service version) Reduced drying time (less than 45 minutes) Heating: 6,75 kw, option 4,5 kw (except Basic model: power 4,5 kw only) DPR-8/10 EM EFFICIENCY Improved airflow system Big fluff filter as drawer Stacked machines: control panel can be inverted to the bottom for better ergonomics (except Basic) ROBUSTNESS Outer casing in grey skinplate (white lacquered panels on Basic model) Sturdy door made in aluminium Drawer as fluff filter: not in the door Industrial fan and powerfull airflow Sturdy construction of the structure and panels OTHERS Transmission by pulley and belt Galvanized drum Axial airflow Big door diameter: 588 mm Integrated COOL DOWN: anti-wrinkle at the end of drying cycle Basic model available in two versions: three-phase model or single-phase model (not convertible) Electric heating CE approved OPTIONS • Programming console for EM control • Reversible door opening • AISI 304 stainless steel outer casing (except Basic) • AISI 304 stainless steel drum (except Basic) • Control panel in the bottom (stacked dryer) • Ergonomic plinth (except Basic) • Coiner kits: coins/tokens + box, central pay • Marine tension 440V III 60 Hz without neutral • Tensions 400V / 230 V

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DPR-8 / 10 EM - DPR-10 BASIC EM - 2

TECHNICAL DATA Depth GENERAL DATA Skinplate panels Skinplate panels / White lacquered panels Sound level Coin laundry version DOOR Height center door Height base door Diameter POWER Motor Electric heating CONNECTIONS Tension 230V I + N + T 50 Hz Tension 230V III + T 50 Hz Exhaust diameter m3/h DIMENSIONS / PACKING DIMENSIONS mm Net width / Gross width Maximum airflow Net depth / Gross depth Net height / Gross height Net weight / Gross weight ELECTRICAL CONNECTION EXHAUST Ø 100

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