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THE SPECIALIST IN «CLEANROOM» LAUNDRY OPERATIONS Le savoir-faire du constructeur Sustainable Laundry Solutions

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Cleanroom - 2

Cleanroom laundry operation When planning a cleanroom laundry, it is important to determine the correct size and type of washer and dryer needed. It is also important to consider the options available and determine which options will be most beneficial. Once the momentous decision has been made to launder cleanroom garments on site, rather than contract for outside cleaning services—and space set aside for that function—it is necessary to specify equipment for installation. What is a cleanroom? A cleanroom is an environment, typically used in manufacturing or scientific research, with a low...

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Cleanroom - 3

Cleanrooms maintain particulate-free air through the use of either HEPA or ULPA filters employing laminar or turbulent air flow principles. Laminar, or unidirectional, air flow systems direct filtered air downward in a constant stream towards filters located on walls near the cleanroom floor or through raised perforated floor panels to be recirculated. Laminar air flow systems are typically employed across 80% of a cleanroom ceiling to maintain constant air processing. Stainless steel or other nonshedding materials are used to construct laminar air flow filters and hoods to prevent excess...

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Cleanroom - 4

With Tumble dryers We offer Clean room version of Tumble dryers, with following features: - Electro polished stainless steel AISI 316 inner drum - Stainless steel filter housing - PRE filter for air inlet and stainless steel filter for air outlet - Side door for filter cleaning - Stainless steel front, base, side and top panel - Air exhaust Channel controlled my motorized valve - Double glass (window) Overview Cleanrooms can be very large. Entire manufacturing facilities can be contained within a cleanroom with factory floors covering thousands of square meters. They are used extensively in...

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Cleanroom - 5

Some cleanrooms are kept at a positive pressure so if any leaks occur, air leaks out of the chamber instead of unfiltered air coming in. Some cleanroom HVAC systems control the humidity to low levels, such that extra equipment ("ionizers") is necessary to prevent electrostatic discharge problems. Low-level cleanrooms may only require special shoes, with completely smooth soles that do not track in dust or dirt. However, for safety reasons, shoe soles must not create slipping hazards. Access to a cleanroom is usually restricted to those wearing a cleanroom suit. In cleanrooms in which the...

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Cleanroom - 6

Many changes are easy to make, but some can increase the cost of a cleanroom substantially. If the cleanroom design stays simple and there is adequate space for the washer and the dryer and for material handling, the basis of an excellent cleanroom laundry will be complete. Personnal contamination of cleanrooms In the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, control of microorganisms is important, especially microorganisms likely to be deposited into the air stream from skin shedding. Studying cleanroom microflora is of importance for microbiologists and quality control personnel to assess...

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Cleanroom - 7

BS 5295 Class 1 also requires the greatest particle present Entrance to a cleanroom with

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Cleanroom - 8

Design & sizing Parc d’Activités de Sologne - BP 19 - 41600 Lamotte-Beuvron - FRANCE Le savoir-faire du constructeur Sustainable Laundry Solutions

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