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MAKING MODERN LIVING POSSIBLE Data Sheet PLUS+1® Fan Drive Subsystem Application Software Mobile Machine Management The Fan Drive subsystem application is for use with vehicles incorporating a variable hydraulic drive cooling system. The application includes: An application block, supporting plug-in features, and a complete sample application. Product Highlights The subsystem application consists of: Application Block, input logic, output logic, fault handling, and calibration, with service screens. The Application Block is the foundation for the fan drive application and is supported by plug-ins. User-programmable Subsystem applications allow machine specific tailoring, which is accomplished by using Danfoss PC based PLUS+1 GUIDE (Graphic User Integrated Development Environment) tool set. This environment allows the developer to configure Danfoss PLUS+1 application hardware, select application options, integrate the applications with other subsystem applications, and enhance the application with additional features. Application Block • The software functionality converts temperature inputs to output cooling demand. Three temperature input signals are supported; the signals may be analog or CAN messages. The output is determined by the signal with the highest demand. Multiple modes of operation are supported: - Limiter mode defines maximum cooling demand. - Bypass mode permits manual cooling demand setting. - Emergency mode overrides normal, limiter, bypass mode and commands either 0 or 100% cooling demand. • Peak Activation option provides an intermittent output to avoid fan motor stalling. Plug-ins Reverse option initiates an operating sequence which temporarily changes the rotation of the fan.

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Data Sheet PLUS+1® Fan Drive Subsystem Application Software GUIDE Programmable Subsystem Application Service Tool The PLUS+1 GUIDE Service Tool screens provide the ability to monitor and tune the operation of devices on the PLUS+1 network. Standard features include: bar graph display, oscilloscope display for trending and tuning, data record, and export feature. All required user modifiable service screens are provided with this product. Diagnostic Navigator B ^ New System (£3 Documents F & ECU List © • FanDrive.SubSystefrtfppfccation (51 Log Functions B (51 Parameter Functions (5) System...

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