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Collection 2016-2017 - 4

Dacryl® is a synthetic glass or acrylic crystal. We need the best quality to create the most beautiful inclusions. Dacryl® panels meet the new requirements of the market thanks to their lightness, innovation, transparency and light. Transparent: as transparent as crystal (the light transmission reaches 92%). Resistant: 10 times more resistant than glass. Light: twice as much light as glass (density: 1.19) Temperature: keeps its physical features from - 40°C to 100°C U.V.- resistance: a great resistance outdoor as it does not yellow Lighting: excellent light conductive, as some optical...

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Collection 2016-2017 - 5

Dacryl® is a french company which has been manufacturing and distributing its own panels for more than 15 years. HAND MADE AND MADE IN FRANCE Dacryl® is a material that is imagined, designed and produced in France in our factory located in the center of France. Dacryl® combines high technology in the field of polymerization and customer-made creation. DacryP is a French company specializing in the manufacture of casted acrylic decorative panels. With more than 15-year experience, Dacryl® can now offer a large range of products tested and well-known for professionals. Our company is widely...

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Collection 2016-2017 - 6

Veritable luminaire, Dacryl® est un excellent conducteur de lumiere, il est la base des matieres utilisees dans le domaine de la fibre optique decorative. Sa transmission lumineuse est de 92%, a I'egale de celle du cristal. A partir d'un eclairage sur la tranche, la lumiere est conduite dans la matiere. ECLAIRAGE LEDS EFFET CAISSON LUMINEUX En blanc « lumiere du jour », en blanc chaud, ou en trichro- Dacryl® peut aussi etre eclaire par I'arriere, les matieres mie, Dacryl® propose de mettre en lumiere ses panneaux. opalines realisees par Dacryl® sont fabriquees specialement Par la tranche de...

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Collection 2016-2017 - 7

LES ATELIERS DACRYL®, LES ARTISANS DE L'INDUSTRIE LINE MANUFACTURE FRANCAISE Dactyl®, manufacture frangaise fondee par Gilbert Meyer, implantee en region Centre, fabrique et edite ses propres produits depuis 15 ans. En tant qu'« Artisan de I'industrie », Dacryl® produit un verre de synthese, ou crista! acryiique, exchisif oil chaque piece est unique. Dacryl® est une matiere « Made in France » labellisee Ateliers dArt de France (AAF), elle est entierementpen- see, imaginee, congue puis fabriquee pas ses propres Que ce soit des inclusions de vegetaux, mineraux, tex- nat et industrie se situe...

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Collection 2016-2017 - 8

Dacryl® workshops Our manufacturing process requires the purest raw material. Because of our inclusions, our acrylic must be denser than standard acrylics. Dacryl® panels meet the new requirements of the market thanks to their lightness, innovation, transparency and light. It is easy to use, ten times more resistant and twice as much light as glass. It must be machined like wood. DUSTRY ARTISANS Dacryl® is a french manufacture that was founded 15 years ago by Gilbert Meyer in the center of France and that produces and sells its own products. As an « indus- try artisan», Dacryl® manufactures...

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Collection 2016-2017 - 10

HALL D'IMMEUBLE VINCI - LYON (FRANCE) Decoration d'un hall d'immeuble en region lyonnaise. Pan- neaux Dacryl® inclusion Copeaux d'aluminium. Un miroir est installe a I'arriere des panneaux pour donner de la profon- -Architecte : Sophie Berberian, Module Architectes- HALL D'IMMEUBLE VINCI - LYON (FRANCE) For this entrance hall located in the region of Lyon, the archi- tects chose Dacryl® sheets with inclusion of Copeaux d'alu- minium (aluminium chips) and a mirror on the back to bring more depth. -Architect: Sophie Berberian, Module Architectes -

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Collection 2016-2017 - 11

STENDHAL PLACE VENDOME HOTEL - M-GALLERY COLLECTION - PARIS (FRANCE) To decorate the porch of this hotel located place Venddme in Paris, the architect Thierry Jalibert chose luminous Dacryl® sheets with inclusion of Plisse Cascade or. - Thierry Jalibert agency - HOTEL STENDHAL PLACE VENDOME - M-GALLERY COLLECTION - PARIS (FRANCE) Pour amenager le sas d'entree de cet hotel, situe place Ven- dome a Paris, I'architecte Thierry Jalibert a utilise des pan- neaux lumineux Dacryl®, inclusion de Plisse Cascade Or. - Agence Thierry Jalibert - HOTEL IMPERIAL - ANNECY (FRANCE) Paravent en Dacryl®...

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Collection 2016-2017 - 12

MUSEE WELLINGTON - WATERLOO (BELGIQUE) Panneaux lumineux en Dacryl® gravure de textes et de dessins avec pigment opaline Dacryl®. Eclairage Leds WELLINGTON MUSEUM - WATERLOO (BELGIQUE) Decoratives Dacryl® panels with engraving of texts and drawings. - Tempora agency - LE CLOS BIS - LYON (FRANCE) Habillage mural en Dacryl® inclusion de Plisse Cascade Argent, eclairage Leds LE CLOS BIS - LYON (FRANCE) Wall decoration in Dacryl® inclusion of Plisse Cascade Argent, Led-lighting.

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Collection 2016-2017 - 13

HOTEL L'HERMITAGE - LA BAULE (FRANCE) Habillage des piliers en Dacryl® creation d'un motif sur-mesure sur le theme des volutes. Eclairage Leds rose par la tranche. - Architecte : Chantal Peyrat - L'HERMITAGE HOTEL - LA BAULE (FRANCE) Post cladding with Dacryl0 and creation of a scroll-looking pattern. Pink Led-lighting on the -Architect: Chantal Peyrat -

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Collection 2016-2017 - 14

HALLS D'IMMEUBLE Cite Internationale, Lyon (France) Trois panneaux lumineux en Dacryl® decorent ce hall d'im- meuble en region lyonnaise. Eclairage Leds. - Architecte : Anne Sophie Gobin - Residence Not Saint Joseph, Lyon (France) Pour ce hall d'immeuble situe dans le quartier Confluence de Lyon, creation d'un habillage mural en Dacryl®, inclusion : Herbes & Galets, eclairage Leds par la tranche. Un miroir est installe au dos des panneaux pour apporter de la profondeur -Architecte : Laure Boivin - ENTRANCE HALL Cite Internationale, Lyon (France) Three Dacryl® luminous sheets decorate this...

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Collection 2016-2017 - 16

Panneaux de separation lumineux en Dacryl® inclusion : Herbes Vertes et Herbes & Petales. Eclairage Leds. RESIDENCE - BEYROUTH (LEBANON) Luminous partition walls in Dacryl0 with inclusion of Herbes Vertes et Herbes & Petales (green grass and grass & petals). Led lighting.

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