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2 Introducing New Acrovyn 4000 After inventing modern Wall Protection 40 years ago and leading the industry ever since, we redesigned our entire line. New Acrovyn is the best looking, most environmentally friendly wall protection available. Totally PBT-Free New Acrovyn’s modified PETG formula contains no PBTs (persistent bioaccumulative toxins). New Acrovyn is completely PVC-free, recyclable and is MBDC Cradle to Cradle Certified. New contemporary texture customers love New Acrovyn’s texture is considerably less pronounced than the original. The new texture dramatically improves the end cap...

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Wall and Door Protection - 3

“The environment our patients are cared for in is as important to us as the care they receive.” —James Schmitt, Manager, Interior Design Planning, Design & Construction Dept. UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA 4 5 2003 Responding to requests from specifiers and end-users no longer wanting PVC in their facilities, C/S introduced Acrovyn 3000. Made from a revolutionary new compound delivering the same performance and appearance as original Acrovyn, it represented a great environmental step forward. The journey continues Designers and owners are demanding products that are sustainable New Acrovyn 4000’s...

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6 7 For over 40 years Acrovyn’s Pebblette texture was the industry’s standard, but some owners found it hard to clean, and some architects did not care for its institutional appearance. When C/S decided to create New Acrovyn we took everything into account, including the texture. In a survey among owners and architects, an overwhelming majority preferred New Acrovyn’s Shadowgrain texture over the original Pebblette texture. The survey group felt the texture would be much easier to clean and maintain. They preferred its matte non-institutional appearance and the color consistency between the...

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8 Acrovyn Chameleon in our Classic Maple pattern is used on radiused SCR-64N Crash Rails and HR-6CN Handrails at the Indiana Heart Hospital. Architect: RTKL Associates, Inc. Acrovyn Chameleon simulated patterns are developed to withstand the abuse real wood and metal can’t handle. Now PVC-free, Acrovyn Chameleon’s durability is proven both in the lab and in the field and is backed with a lifetime warranty (call factory for details). Available on many Acrovyn profiles, wall coverings, wall panels and doors, Chameleon simulated patterns are currently available in 14 realistic woodgrain...

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Install or remove handrails in half the time with the amazing Quick Lock bracket. Three simple steps are all it takes To install 60 lineal feet in the same corridor using Quick Lock brackets. Only one man is required to complete the installation. Elapsed Time: 1 Contractor—1 Hour Quick Lock Bracket Installation To install 60 lineal feet in a corridor using standard brackets. Two men are required to complete the installation. Elapsed Time: 2 Contractors—1 Hour Standard Bracket Installation Here’s the proof Quick Lock makes the installation of C/S handrails a simple, clean process that can be...

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Wall and Door Protection - 7

12 13 Designers love Acrovyn “When I designed a custom handrail for the Bassett Hospital, C/Ssaid no problem. The hospital loves the result.” Owners love Acrovyn —Nick Dalba, Dir. of Facilities Development , St. Joseph’s Hospital, Phoenix, AZ “When you compete for patients, your facility better look clean and neat. We depend on Acrovyn to keep our interior damage-free. ” I’ve specified C/S Acrovyn for years and was always happy with their handrails and corner guards, but for Bassett Hospital I wanted something different. I drew a sketch of my handrail design and asked C/S if they could...

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1 Acrovyn® Corner Guards Five ways to prevent crumbled corners. New Acrovyn New Acrovyn 4000 is now completely recyclable and free of PVC and PBTs. The industry standard since 1969, Acrovyn corner guards provide shock absorbing action to keep corners intact. Acrovyn Chameleon Simulated Wood & Metal PVC-free Chameleon looks like real wood and metal, but offers the same impact protection as Acrovyn. Models available in 14 faux wood and 2 faux metal patterns. Acrovyn Renaissance Real Wood & Metal By combining rugged stainless steel with real wood C/S offers designers an elegant solution to the...

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Wall and Door Protection - 9

1 6 7 2 3 16 17 SM-20 @ UCSF Children’s Hospital SM-20M @ Akron City Critical Ca re Pavilion SSM-25 @ Aventura Hospital FS-20 @ Nebraska Orthopedic Hospital SCO-8 @ Northwestern University CO-8 @ St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center SM20 & CO-8 @ Children’s Hospital of Atlanta–Scottish Rite FSC-25 @ St. Francis Hospital FS-20 @ Northlake Park School 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 8 9 4 5 Acrovyn® Corner Guards on the job

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SMWS-20 FS Series SFS Series FSC-25N FS-20RN 1HR/2HR FS-10RN 1HR/2HR SFS Fire Rated Series Cost Index* Odd Angle Attachment Guard Radius Mounting Style Leg Size Style Surface Aluminum for 1/2"& 5/8" Drywall 1" Stainless Steel Clips Aluminum for 1/2"& 5/8" Drywall Aluminum for 1/2"& 5/8" Drywall Aluminum for 5/8" Drywall Aluminum for 5/8" Drywall Aluminum for 5/8" Drywall 1/4" (6MM) 1/8" (4MM) 10' (3.0M) 20' (6.1M) 20' (6.1M) 9'6" (2.9M) 20' (6.1M) 20' (6.1M) 20' (6.1M) Flush Flush Flush Flush Fire Rated Flush Fire Rated Flush Fire Rated Page Yes 135° Only FS-10N Yes FS-20N No No Consult...

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For comprehensive information on these products visit www.c-sgroup.com/cornerguards Available in: Available in: Available in: Product features Product features Lower cost Acrovyn corner guards Installs with self adhesive tape Three models: VA-034N (3/4"), VA-200N (1-1/2") and VA-250N (2-1/2") Product features Product features Product features Product features Product features Product features Acrovyn® Corner Guards Available in: * SM-10N (500 LF min.) For selection charts see pgs. 82-84 Available in: * SSM-20N & SSM-25N only Available in: Available in: 64 Acrovyn Colors For selection charts...

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