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10 71 13 The industry’s largest selection of fixed and operating sunshades. 2012 Fixed & Operating Sunshades

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Sun Control Catalog - 2

C/S Sun Controls C/S offers many ways to control the sun. The right products and expertise to help you achieve maximum energy reductions. Cantilevered & Suspended Sunshades Effective sun control with a variety of blade, outrigger and fascia styles. Pages 6-23 Energy and the environment Commercial buildings consume 39% Vertical Fixed Sunshades of the energy and 74% of the electricity generated from oil, gas, nuclear The most effective exterior sunshade for east and west elevations. Select from dozens of blade styles. Pages 6-23 and coal-fired plants, which adversely impacts the environment....

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Sun Control Catalog - 3

C/S Sun Control Projects Get the energy reduction you need and the look you want with C/S Fixed Sunshades. 3 4 Community Regional Medical Center, Vertical Sunshades, Architect: RTKL Associates, Inc. FAU College of Engineering, Vertical Perform Sunshades, Architect: Leo A. Daly Center for Urban Waters, Horizontal Sunshades and Solarmotion Blinds, Architect: Perkins + Will Jenks Math and Science, Horizontal and Cantilevered Sunshades, Architect: GH2 Architects and TMP Architecture 5 Santa Monica Public Safety , Horizontal, Cantilevered and Vertical Sunshades, Architect: Cannon Design 6...

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Sun Control Catalog - 4

One Aventura Office Center Aventura, FL Architect: Albaisa/Doval Architects C/S Custom Sunshades Outriggers for sunshades The striking and effective way to reduce energy costs. Wedge Cantilevered/Suspended Sunshades Highly customizable, architects can select from a wide variety of blades, outriggers and fascias. The projections can be up to 5' deep to suit the project’s shading requirements, and these sunshades can be used in conjunction with C/S Lightshelves. Tapered Vertical/Horizontal Sunshades These sunshades are perfect for applications where greater control over direct sunlight is...

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Sun Control Catalog - 5

Nielsen Media Building University of South Florida Architect: Alfonso Architects Inc. C/S Shadowline Sunshades C/S Shadowline Sunshades create a dramatic visual statement. ™ Round Fascia T he Shadowline System Rectangular Tube This system combines several standard C/S Grille/Sun Control components to create a custom appearance. Designed for Effective Sun Shading Bullnose Fascia Wedge Fascia With projections up to six feet, Shadowline Sunshades are perfect for use on curtain walls and standard construction. Select from a variety of infill patterns, fascia and outrigger styles. Shadowline’s...

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Sun Control Catalog - 6

Tampa Bay History Center Architect: Verner Johnson and Associates C/S Perform Sunshades Beautiful dappled light is the result. C/S Perform panels are the palette. C/S Perforated Canopy Sunshade Standard Curved This sunshade system provides buildings with effective sun control, yet offers stunning visual effects by admitting soft dappled light. Two Styles, Dozens of Options C/S Perform curved and flat canopies employ a slender custom designed tube support that mechanically captures our perforated sheet without the use of unsightly welding. The Perform system can be designed to meet any wind...

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Sun Control Catalog - 7

C/S Genesis Solar Sunshades Visit — — for comprehensive information about this product. Fascias C/S Genesis Solar Sunshades are generally suspended above the head of the window. We offer a variety of attachment options for all window systems and loading conditions. C/S Genesis Solar Sunshades generate electricity while reducing solar heat gain. For a finished appearance and to house all electrical wiring, C/S offers a selection of fascias to coordinate with your building’s architecture. Round Rectangular Power up to 18.6 Watts per sq. ft. C/S Genesis Solar...

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Sun Control Catalog - 8

Government Building with Horizontal Sunshades Project: Marquette University Milwaukee, WI Architect: Opus AE Group in collaboration with Shepley Bulfinch Sun Control Type: Cantilevered and Vertical Sunshades Project Description: C/S Cantilevered Tubular Sunshades were specified on the east, west and north elevations of the LEED® Silver Certified Law School. The radiused Cantilevered Sunshades integrate with the metal panel system, while maintaining a flush appearance. The blades had to achieve spans in excess of 11' with projections off of the building structure 6'. Extruded Aluminum Tube...

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Sun Control Catalog - 9

Municipal Building with Cantilevered Sunshades Commercial Building with Horizontal Sunshades Project: Tampa Bay History Center Tampa, FL Project: Moffett Towers Sunnyvale, CA Architect: Verner Johnson and Associates Architect: DES Architects & Engineers Sun Control Type: Cantilevered Sunshades Sun Control Type: Horizontal Sunshades Project Description: C/S Perform Sunshades are the dominant aesthetic feature on their building’s facade. 30" deep Perform Sunshades reduce heat and glare yet let soft dappled light to enter the east, west and southern exposure. Attached to the curtain wall, the...

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Sun Control Catalog - 10

University Building with Horizontal Sunshades Industrial Building with Cantilevered Sunshades Project: Houston Community College Houston, TX Project: Industrial Building with Cantilevered Sunshades Architect: HOK Sun Control Type: Cantilevered and Vertical Sunshades Sun Control Type: Horizontal Sunshades Project Description: At the entrance to their facility, the architect specified a vertical sunshade with multiple layers of extruded blades. The blades are mounted to the structure using a custom “Y” bracket on the face of the building. Cantilevered Shadowline Sunshades mounted at the head...

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Sun Control Catalog - 11

Commercial Building with Vertical Sunshades University Building with Horizontal Sunshades Project: One Central Park Phoenix, AZ Project: Arizona State University Tempe, AZ Architect: SmithGroup Architect: Perkins + Will Sun Control Type: Vertical Sunshades Sun Control Type: Horizontal Sunshades Project Description: On their 25-story curtain wall building, the architect employed 2 different shading systems for the eastern and southern elevations. 17" vertically oriented extruded airfoils run the entire height of the structure with each blade spanning a floor with four points of attachment....

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