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Stunning aesthetics meet optimal performance

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Houston Community College Architect: HOK Commercial buildings consume 39% of the energy and 74% of the electricity generated from oil, gas, nuclear and coal fired plants, which adversely impacts the environment. Fossil based power generation releases CO2 which contributes to global climate change, and coal fired stations create acid rain! That’s why the USGBC’s LEED® program drives architects to design sustainable buildings that save energy, let natural light in, keep heat out, and allow occupants to look out their windows. By using C/S Solarmotion, architects can accomplish all of these...

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C/S Solarmotion™ Controllable Sunshades Solarmotion creates a dynamic facade and is the most effective way to reduce energy consumption and maximize occupant comfort. C/S Solarmotion controllable sunshade system tracks the sun to maximize the control of light and heat entering the building’s interior. By effectively controlling the sun on all elevations, at all times of the day and throughout the year, Solarmotion can significantly reduce a building’s energy and capital equipment costs. Solarmotion sunshades prevent over or under shading so building occupants can always enjoy the benefits...

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Perforated Airfoil red Cedar Laminated Glass Clear Acrylic Airfoil with LED Lights Lots of blade options means you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for performance. All Solarmotion blades are shown in 12" widths. Blades are available from 6" to whatever your design calls for. Bull Nose Flat LED Lights Colored Insert C/S Solarmotion™ Controllable Sunshades (Non-Retractable) Solarmotion’s aesthetic options can help your building make a dramatic statement. Looks and works great both day and night Patents Pending Mullion options Select from a variety of mullion styles shown, or let C/S assist...

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The low profile way to eliminate unwanted heat and glare. C/S Wind Retracting System automatically lifts blinds when wind reaches 30 mph. C/S Solarmotion™ External Venetian Blinds (Retractable) System Components: 2 1 4 Cover Panel Available in a variety of 3 styles and finishes to meet building architecture Blades Available in 4" or 6" widths in a variety of styles including curved or flat, with and without perforations Lifting and Tilting Tape Allows blinds to open and close and move up and down Guide rail Keeps blinds aligned and attached to building fascia C/S Retractable Sunshades let...

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C/S Solarmotion™Technology C/S Solarmotion mullions are designed for typical spans. These sunshades are generally attached to the building face with extruded stand-offs to provide distance between the sunshade and the building. The mullions feature a clean, streamline design with no exposed fasteners. C/S’ 3-dimensional adjustable stand-off accommodates construction tolerances in the building. See mullion design on right. C/S offers several types of blade actuating systems for our Controllable Sunshades. Designers can select from simple blade positioning vs. time of day controls to...

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For the nearest C/S representative, or literature and samples, call toll free 800-631-7379 in U.S.A. and 888-895-8955 in Canada, or visit ©Copyright 2009 Construction Specialties, Inc. Construction Specialties, Inc. reserves the right to make design changes or to withdraw any design without notice. Printed in U.S.A. Series 10 The C/S Family of Products For 60 years, Construction Specialties has been a leader in architectural specialty products, including: Acrovyn®Wall and Door Protection, Pedisystems® Entrance Flooring, Expansion Joint Covers, Cubicle Track and Curtains,...

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