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12 48 13 No single factor has more environmental impact on a building than solar heat gain. 2012 Architectural Blinds & Dynamic Solar Facades

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C/S Solarmotion : ® The two best ways to reduce solar heat gain C/S Solarmotion The Low-Profile Solution Architectural Solarmotion Architectural Blinds can create a dramatic effect on a building’s facade or virtually disappear. C/S Solarmotion Architectural Blinds can be Blinds used outside, inside or between two panes of glass, and they are a simple, cost effective way of allowing the occupants to control the amount of natural daylight entering their offices. With energy reductions of up to 35% annually, Solarmotion Architectural Blinds are perfect for new construction or renovation. Pages...

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Nothing is more effective at reducing solar heat gain than new C/S Solarmotion® Architectural Blinds. Daylight Sensing Controls are the key to Solarmotion’s effectiveness. Today’s world demands that architects and owners build buildings that are energy efficient, lower their carbon footprint and are comfortable for their occupants. There are many options to optimize a facade’s energy performance, but none come close to new C/S Solarmotion Architectural Blinds. Not only are they the most energy efficient option for buildings (based on studies by Berkeley Laboratories and the European Solar...

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C/S Solarmotion® Architectural Blinds can be used in three different ways. While any configuration of C/S Solarmotion Architectural Blinds performs better than competitor’s systems, how they are applied to a building does affect their ability to reduce solar heat gain. The exterior and double-facade systems are more effective because they stop the heat before it warms the in-board lite of glass, thus reducing convection of the interior air. 1 Exterior Using C/S Solarmotion Architectural Blinds on external applications provides the greatest energy reduction. 2 Double-Facade In a...

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C/S Solarmotion® Architectural Blinds C/S Solarmotion makes occupants happier, healthier and more productive. Studies prove students learn more in a comfortable classroom. Well planned daylight concepts in schools provide enhanced student performance and mood. An effective sunshading system that provides the classroom with natural daylight not only reduces energy and lighting costs, but they have a proven positive effect on the students‘ ability to learn. C/S Solarmotion Architectural Blinds offer owners more than just energy savings. Numerous studies* show that buildings with daylight...

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C/S Solarmotion® Architectural Blinds Cutting-edge technology drives our system. Visit — for comprehensive information about this product. Cover panels are designed to hide how the sunshades’ top rail is mounted to the building’s facade. They can be integrated into a building seamlessly or stand alone as a design feature. Intelligent controls track the sun and adjust Solarmotion Architectural Blinds automatically. Heavy-Duty Construction All C/S Solarmotion Architectural Blind systems feature rugged, high quality aluminum components with environmentally friendly...

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C/S Solarmotion® On The Job C/S Solarmotion Architectural Blinds can create a dramatic facade or virtually disappear. Interior Daylight Blinds Double Facade Architectural Blinds Double Facade Architectural Blinds Double Facade Architectural Blinds Exterior Architectural Blinds Exterior Architectural Blinds 12 13

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C/S Solarmotion® Standard Exterior Blinds C/S Solarmotion® Wind Stable Blind System The gold standard for reducing solar heat gain The perfect choice for areas subject to high winds • ignificantly reduces a building’s overall S energy costs up to 39% • olarmotion intelligent control system S automatically retracts blades at 55 mph • nstall on all types of buildings for improved I worker comfort and productivity with glarefree views of the outside • Excellent choice for high rise buildings • nit features wide durable slat, additional cable U tensioning and a heavy-duty end rail • onnect...

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C/S Solarmotion® Exterior Daylight Guidance C/S Solarmotion® Interior Daylight Management Blinds Reduces interior glare at work level, while directing light deep into the interior at the ceiling Maximize daylight while reducing glare where external blinds cannot be used. • nit features a blind with slats positioned U at two different angles to allow light in yet prevents glare on work surfaces • educes heat and glare better than fabric R shades and internal roller blinds (including Double Motor Blinds) (including Light Control and Genius Slats) • rovides glare-free lighting of workplaces P...

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C/S Solarmotion® Blackout Blinds C/S Solarmotion® Fit System For applications requiring complete room darkening A non-retractable blind system designed to provide shading for any window shape (Non-Retractable) • pecial blade profile with sealing strip that S maximizes blade closure for room darkening • riangular, round and trapezoid shaped windows T can now incorporate Architectural Blinds • chieves complete blackout for almost any A installation situation • ses same intelligent control system as all U other Solarmotion products to automatically adjust blade angle • educes heating and...

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C/S Solarmotion® Architectural Blinds Options Visit — — to see the entire line of Solarmotion Architectural Blinds. Slats are key to the functioning of a specific Solarmotion Architectural Blind product. Available in a variety of sizes, call for details. C/S Solarmotion Intelligent Control Options Whether you select a control style that’s part of a building management system or one that tracks both the weather and the sun, or an individual control system, your building and occupants will benefit from enhanced interior conditions. Building Management Control System...

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