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TM Saratoga™ Wall System Traditional aesthetics with the protection of Acrovyn

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Simple Steps for Designing and Specifying the Saratoga Wall System 1 Determine lineal footage and height 2 Select & calculate desired wall covering needs 3 Choose wall base trim height 4 Select wainscot trim & thickness 5 Choose vertical trim width & corner trims 6 Determine inside & outside corner requirements Saratoga trims can be used as door case molding. Virtually Limitless Design Possibilities 18 Chameleon™ Simulated Wood & Metal Patterns 9 Textures 64 Solid Colors

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Saratoga™ Wall System - 3

Component Overview .040” Wall Covering Vertical Trim Sizes: 4’ x 8’ Sheet 4’ x 10’ Sheet Available Options: Sizes: Cut to Size 2”, 4”, 6” or 8”W x 9’ 6” L Install vertically or horizontally to achieve desired coverage; trim to desired height in field. All simulated patterns run in the 8’ and 10’ dimension. 3⁄8” Thickness Install directly over vertical sheet joints. .040” Textured Wall Covering Available Options: Inside Corner Vertical Trim Sizes: 43” x 90” Sheet 43” x 114” Sheet Available Options: Sizes: Nominal 1” or 2 3⁄8“ Beadboard 7 Other Textures Cut to Size 2”, 4”, 6” or 8” W x 9’ 6”...

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Saratoga™ Wall System - 5

C/S Acrovyn Saratoga is Ideal for High Traffic Areas. Hallways Nurse Stations Headwalls Common Areas The Saratoga Wall System provides a low maintenance solution and a high-end look that coordinates well with other wall and door protection products.

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Saratoga™ Wall System - 6

Wall and Door Protection System. We believe that Acrovyn 4000 is the best looking, most environmentally-friendly wall protection available. All Acrovyn products are completely free of PVC and PBTs. Acrovyn 4000 is C2C Certified™ Gold or Silver. Cradle to Cradle Certified™ is a certification markofMBDC Call 800.304.2234 or visit © Copyright 2017 Construction Specialties, Inc. Construction Specialties" Creating products that make buildings better

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