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Install or remove handrail in half the time with the amazing Acrovyn® Quick Lock Bracket Step 1 Quick Lock brackets are installed at appropriate height 32” on center. Simply place handrail assembly over Quick Lock bracket. Step 3 Quick Lock cam is rotated clockwise one quarter turn with supplied wrench to lock handrail in place. Quick Lock Brackets Our exclusive assembly system reduces labor costs up to 50% and minimizes resident and operational disruption during installation! No more drilling holes through wood or retainer! No more struggling with alignment! Easy bracket location and attachment Allows for off-site pre-assembly Removes easily for future wall maintenance Included free of charge on select models! Here’s the proof Standard Bracket Installation Quick Lock Bracket Installation To install 60 lineal feet in a corridor using standard brackets, two workers are required to complete the installation. To install 60 lineal feet in the same corridor using Quick Lock brackets, only one worker is required to complete the installation. Elapsed Time: 2 Workers - 1 Hour Elapsed Time: 1 Worker - 1 Hour 6696 State Route 405, Muncy, Pennsylvania 17756 Phone: (800)233-8493 Website: www.c-sgroup.com

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