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07 95 00 Having joint pain? Not with Zip Block. 2012 For Parking Structures

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With C/S Zip Block— Everyone Wins! Because of the unique performance features of the Zip Block joint system, there is absolutely no downside! The design engineer can confidently specify a seal system with no known equals, eliminating substitution of inferior products like elastomeric concrete! With Zip Block, the installer not only enjoys the benefit of a clean installation, but can get it done in half the time, thereby maximizing one's earnings capability. Last, by no means least, the owner truly benefits from a trouble-free joint system—no more law suits and “closed for repair” signs. Why...

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Why use products that are just not up to the task? Zip Block Seals For comprehensive information on this product, visit Failed Elastomeric Concrete Seals Model ZB Installs in half the time of elastomeric concrete systems Rugged EPDM seal with integral nosing For joint sizes between 1" and 4" Waterproof system installs with high strength epoxy Available in lengths up to 200' to minimize splicing Available with fire barrier Zip Block is subjected to rigorous testing including freeze/thaw and heavy rolling load tests that clearly demonstrate superior...

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Parking and Stadium Seals Model ZB For comprehensive information on this product, visit One-Piece EPDM Seal Bonded in an Epoxy Bed for Fast Installation One-piece EPDM seal installs fast No messy elastomeric concrete required ADA compliant Model HBF W Model Data Floor covers Joint Minimum Maximum Exposed Specify Width Opening Opening Surface model .87" 0.43" 1.25" .87" HBF 100 1.68" .87" 2.5" 1.68" HBF 200 2.56" 1.37" 3.75" 2.56" HBF 300 3.43" 1.81" 5.0" 3.43" HBF 400 4.46" 2.46" .87" 4.46" HBF 550 Model VF/HF “Hybrid” Compression Seal Incorporating...

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“After 5 years of heavy traffic and snow, the KB covers work like the day they were installed.” C/S Seismic Covers The sounds you don’t hear means that they will last, and last! –Tom Poremba, Project Manager, CTA Inc. At Boise State University, CTA Architects and Engineers were assigned to design a new Using post tension construction on the new structure, CTA specified 6" KB metal covers for parking garage next to an existing garage and to tie both structures together. CTA needed the crossover bridges on all floors between the two garages. CTA also specified 4" KB covers a product that...

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C/S Seismic Covers Traditional Metal Covers loosen, clang and break away Our Solution: Transfer the force Seismic Covers For comprehensive information on this product, visit Model KBC Load dampening design prevents shearing of bolts to eliminate loose covers Capable of 1/2" of vertical displacement of slabs Failure of metal covers in parking applications proves it’s not enough to take covers used for interior pedestrian applications and simply beef up the plate and frames. Constant impact of cars and deflection of the concrete slab quickly loosens or...

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6696 State Route 405, Muncy, Pennsylvania 17756 U.S.A., 570-546-5941 895 Lakefront Promenade, Mississauga, Ontario L5E 2C2 Canada, 905-274-3611 The C/S Family of Products For more than 60 years, Construction Specialties has been a leader in architectural specialty products, including: Acrovyn Wall and Door Protection, Pedisystems Entrance Flooring, Expansion Joint Covers, Cubicle Track and Curtains, Smoke and Explosion Venting Systems, Architectural Grilles, Architectural Louvers and Sun Controls. ® ® We have operations throughout the world and can provide C/S Products...

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