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C / S F L O O R O M E T R Y® The entrance flooring that changed everything Architects told us that they were tired of the same old entrance flooring options, so we developed a new flooring system that is dramatically different from anything that’s available on the market today. Floorometry® is a revolutionary modular entrance flooring system that offers designers maximum aesthetics, and exceptional performance as well as easy installation and maintenance. And architects and interior designers can choose from four completely unique floor systems that feature dozens of exciting surface...

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C/S Floorometry® More than entrance flooring, it’s art for your floor. Create your own masterpiece. C/S Floorometry 101 C/S Floorometry 401 C/S Floorometry 301 C/S Floorometry 201 C/S Floorometry 401 C/S Floorometry 301 C/S Floorometry 201 C/S Floorometry 101

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C / S Surface Options All four Floorometry products are designed to work with our base structure. Installation Each unit comes fully assembled and ready to be installed. Simply set in place with flooring epoxy or cement. F l o o r o m e t r y® The real beauty is beneath the surface Floorometry 101 Exciting surface options Floorometry provides exceptional aesthetics and performance. Choose from the high-tech look of stainless steel, elegant stone or many other exciting insert options. All Floorometry products offer architects and designers hundreds of exciting visual possibilities, but the...

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C/S Floorometry® 101 Floorometry 101 Patterns can be turned in different directions and even used in combination to create a virtually limitless pallette. Geometry for your floor Handsome C/S Floorometry 101 redefines the stainless steel entrance grid. The 101 product is comprised of a series of 18" x 18" flush Designed for rolling loads All Floorometry products are designed to withstand high rolling loads. Our Floorometry 101 flooring system accommodates rolling loads up to 500 lbs per wheel. stainless steel modules that can include geometric shapes. Floorometry 101’s standard panel...

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C/S Floorometry® 101 Patterns The C/S Floorometry® 101 System C/S Floorometry 101 standard stainless steel grids are 18" x 18" modules that can be specified with one of our standard C/S Floorometry 101 flooring is comprised of a patterns. But it doesn’t end there. If your project requires any other geometric shape, call 800-233-8493. For unique visual stainless steel grid engineered in 18" x 18" effects, designers can use multiple patterns in combination or change panel direction. (457.2mm x 457.2mm) modules for easy Easy to install, easy to remove Install Floorometry panels easily and...

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C/S Floorometry® 201 High-tech look meets exceptional performance Exciting new Floorometry 201 takes stainless steel entrance flooring to a whole new level. Architects and interior designers can select from Safe and sure footing for slender heels All Floorometry entrance flooring has been engineered to provide safe footing for even the most slender heels. 201’s stunningly beautiful, and newly expanded wire pattern designs to create a totally unique appearance at the entrance to any building. Manufactured from high-strength type 304 stainless steel in 18" x 18" modules, Floorometry 201...

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C/S Floorometry® 201 Configurations Rugged yet sophisticated, Floorometry 201 is the ultimate product for scraping dirt, mud and snow from shoes. Designers can select from our expanded offering of wire patterns, which are manufactured from type 304 stainless steel and architectural bronze. For even more design flexibility, designers can combine mesh types and rotate panels. The C/S Floorometry® 201 System Each Floorometry 201 pattern is welded to an engineered substructure to provide excellent stability and rolling load capacity. Interlocking Easy to Install, easy to remove Install...

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C/S Floorometry® 301 Floorometry 301 Inserts Below are some examples of the infinite variety of patterns you can create with Floorometry 301. Entrance flooring becomes art A completely original product, Floorometry 301 allows architects and designers to turn entrance flooring into their own unique art Floorometry 301 utilizes environmentally-friendly recycled rubber inserts for a safe, sure walking surface in any building environment, in any weather condition. form. Through the use of color and shape, the 301 product offers unlimited design possibilities for any entrance way. Manufactured...

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C/S Floorometry® 301 Inserts The C/S Floorometry® 301 System Floorometry 301 flooring allows designers to create exciting visual effects by using different colors and materials. You can Like all Floorometry products, 301 is manufactured even alter the shape of the inserts to create custom designs as shown below. Inserts are recycled rubber from EcoSurfaces® in in 18" x 18" (457.2mm x 457.2mm) panels with 50 different colorways. Contact a Floorometry specialist to discuss the feasibility of your custom design at 800-233-8493. top surfaces that are easily detached to remove Easy to Install,...

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C/S Floorometry® 401 Floorometry 401 Entrance flooring that matches your flooring Floorometry 401 lets you incorporate many of your favorite surface options. Whether you specify Blue Pearl granite, terrazzo, marble or engineered stone for your entrance, our new Floorometry 401 flooring system can Entrance flooring that matches your flooring In addition to matching surrounding floor finishes, Floorometry 401 can incorporate a multitude of fantasy flooring options such as structural glass, colored resin and textured metal. Call a Floorometry specialist at 800-233-8493 to share your ideas or...

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Floorometry 401 gives you lots of flooring choices including: C/S Floorometry 401 System Stone The C/S Floorometry 401 System ® ® Whatever floor pattern you choose, we can match it with our Floorometry 401 entrance flooring system. Below we show six patterns, but don’t feel limited because Floorometry 401 can accommodate virtually any linear pattern that will fit into our 18" x 18" modules. Engineered Stone To match your flooring pattern exactly, simply provide us with a template of the exact pattern and the appropriate amount of suitable flooring material to create Terrazzo the Floorometry...

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