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Iowa Methodist Medical Center – Atrium Café Renovation Shive-Hattery Architecture + Engineering Radiused Acrovyn® Saratoga® Wall System Located in downtown Des Moines on a 42-acre campus, the Iowa Methodist Medical Center is a well-known Midwestern healthcare facility specializing in cancer care. To service its 370-patient bed capacity, the facility houses a chapel, a gift shop and a variety of options for dining. The Atrium Food Service area is located in the atrium of Iowa Methodist at the west end of the campus. The island café offers a range of breakfast and lunch options in a high-traffic area for a large volume of hospital visitors from both Iowa Methodist and the adjacent Blank Children’s Hospital. Design Goals Throughout its 100-year history, Iowa Methodist Medical Center has undergone both structural and aesthetic improvements that emphasize its commitment to cutting-edge services and current best practices for the healthcare sector. Because the atrium café provides an integral service for visitors, the hospital sought to complete the project on a very strict construction timeline with material that would be both durable and visually consistent with the hospital’s interior. This combination of obstacles required a timely and effective product solution. At a Glance: Acrovyn Saratoga Wall System In 2013 the hospital wanted to quickly update the café by refacing the existing structure, seeking a durable product flexible enough to curve with the island café’s radiused circumference. The Saratoga Wall System provided industry-leading resiliency and a polished wood aesthetic that matched the rest of the hospital’s interior. In order to achieve these design goals, Shive-Hattery looked to Construction Specialties (C/S) and chose to radius C/S’ Acrovyn Saratoga Wall System in a beautiful Chameleon™ simulated wood pattern that matched the hospital’s design. The easyto-clean PVC-free Chameleon material resists the growth of bacteria, a product trait essential for healthcare environments. Other wood-like materials that met the design demands for curved edges do not have the capability of handling the flex stress that Saratoga does. Many similar products cannot be curved, as they would become damaged or split. For the atrium café project, C/S was able to provide a product solution that was the perfect fit for refacing the existing design with resilient and highly customizable paneling offerings.

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