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G O E S N OT M ATC H E S C O L L E C T I O N 4 manufacturers. 1 coordinating suite of finishes for healing environments. rigid sheet wall protection architectural glass and healthboards upholstery and privacy curtains modular, broadloom and hard surface flooring Goes Not Matches is the first collection of finishes designed to coordinate across multiple surfaces for the healthcare market. The comprehensive palette offers a sophisticated modern luxury aesthetic to transform healthcare facilities into balanced, calm and reassuring environments. Because design is healing.

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MANNINGTON COMMERCIAL CLARUS GLASSBOARDS Working with healthcare designers, four manufacturers came together to create a unique, comprehensive collection of finishes for healthcare. The result of this industry-first collaboration - The Goes Not Matches Collection - transforms healthcare facilities into balanced, comforting environments for patients and staff. M A N N I N G T O N C O M M E R C I A L The Vivendi Collection Heterogeneous Sheet + Modular and Broadloom Carpet The design team began with a study of design concepts of luxury, health and calm as the foundation for a new visual...

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