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Are you sure your explosion vents will work? Explosion Relief Panels

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It’s the only field testable system. With other systems you won’t know until there’s an explosion. The explosion vent tested to work every time. If you’re involved with a facility where potentially explosive atmospheres, materials or processes exist, you know that it’s critical for your pressure venting system to function according to its design parameters as a means of limiting damage. Many blow-out panel systems are larger or heavier than NFPA 68 recommends for maximum performance. Blow-out panels that rely on proper field installation may not work. But, testable, resettable Explovent is...

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“ he fact that Explovent can be tested at T any time, gives me peace of mind.” —Travis Anderton, Facilities Engineering/EHS Manager, BD Medical All medical devices manufactured by BD Medical at its Sandy City, Utah, facility are subjected to sterilization prior to sale. Since the sterilization process utilizes ethylene oxide gas, which is explosive, engineers determined the facility needed to provide Explovent has been tested and approved by Factory Mutual. specialized venting in case of an accidental release of the gas from the sterilization equipment. BD was driven not to just satisfy...

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49 Meeker Avenue, Cranford, New Jersey 07016 U.S.A., 800-222-0201 895 Lakefront Promenade, Mississauga, Ontario L5E 2C2 Canada, 905-274-3611 For 60 years, Construction Specialties has been a leader in architectural specialty products, including: Acrovyn- Wall and Door Protection, Pedisystems- Entrance Flooring, Expansion Joint Covers, Cubicle Track and Curtains, Smoke and Explosion Venting Systems, Architectural Grilles, Architectural Louvers and Sun Controls. We have operations throughout the world and can provide C/S Products virtually anywhere. For a complete list of our international...

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