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12 48 13 C/S GridLine @ Stony Brook University 2012 Entrance Flooring

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The three best ways to permanently stop dirt and water at the door A clean and beautiful entry is also good for the environment. Along with its main function of stopping dirt at the door, Pedisystems also helps architects achieve LEED® IEQ Credit 5 for good indoor air quality. MBDC Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver, Pedisystems also meets the California 01350 test standard for low VOCs. This is an approved equivalent to the CRI Green Label Plus certification required for compliance with LEED® IEQ Credit 4.3 and for use in CHPS projects. C/S offers architects and building owners three...

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Pedisystems®, the gold standard for strength and long lasting durability in entrance flooring Engineered to stand up to heavy wheeled traffic All Pedisystems mats and grids are manufactured with the industry’s strongest components and feature the highest rolling load capacity in their category. Best lead times in the industry At times, specifying and ordering entrance flooring can be a last minute decision. With the industry’s best lead times, C/S will make sure your mats or grids will be on site when you need them. C/S Pedisystems has become the industry standard for architectural entrance...

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New Floorometry comes in four exciting styles C/S Floorometry® We’ve changed the rules. Floorometry 101 C/S Floorometry is a revolutionary ® modular entrance flooring system that offers designers maximum aesthetics and To see the entire Floorometry line, call a Floorometry Specialist at 800-233-8493 and request a free brochure. exceptional performance, while allowing for easy installation and maintenance. Choose from four completely unique systems that feature dozens of exciting surface options. Floorometry installs just like tile Floorometry 201 Floorometry 18" x 18" modules are delivered...

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Stainless Steel Grids GridLine ™ Scrapes shoes effectively High style that’s virtually maintenance free n n Excellent for scraping debris from shoes n Designed for rolling loads A permanent and integrated solution to tracked in dirt and water High-tech appearance designers and owners love n No architectural grid system scrapes mud or snow from shoes better than C/S GridLine. Manufactured from the highest quality satin finished Type-304 Stainless Steel n Handles rolling loads up to 500 lbs per wheel n GridLine™ 2 available radiused for inside revolving doors n Highest recycled content,...

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Stainless Steel Grid Options The C/S Stainless Steel Grid System GridLine ™ G6 C/S GridLine 2 can be radiused for use in and around circular doors. Architects love the way GridLine looks Sets the standard for Stainless Steel Grids and performs. We’ve recently added n S atin finished type-304 stainless steel for maximum strength two additional models to meet n A ll joints electronically welded each building’s aesthetic and n A vailable in 3/8, 5/8" and 1-1/8" depths " n Available in 3 heights Radiusing for Revolving Doors R olling loads to 500 lbs per wheel n 5 -year warranty GridLine 2 ™...

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Architectural Grids PediTred®/Pedigrid® An architectural grid that’s right for any condition The ultimate in strength and performance n n Rolling loads are the main reason some grid systems fail. C/S PediTred is the world’s strongest grid, capable of handling 1000 lbs per wheel load. Depth allows greatest capacity for trapped debris n Designed for rolling loads A permanent and integrated solution to tracked in dirt and water Many aesthetic surface choices to match any decor n n PediTred E ngineered to handle high rolling loads 400-1,000 lbs per wheel— best in the industry B est for new...

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Architectural Grid Options unite tuna tiatrti ryjtt OS Architectural Grids are Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver. Cradle to Cradle Certified™ is a certification mark ofMBDC. The industry's strongest grid handles rolling ■ Smooth rolling surface, solid feel under foot ■ Grid rolls back for easy cleaning ■ PVC-free hinges and supports bronze rails Rtqding IIIEIMK HI rkufahtSH 5*0760 bruprtinm ilif, Pfotfuct Content; Surface or recess mounted grid perfect for high traffic entrances Incorporates easily with carpet, tile or surrounding floor finishes 3- and 4-rail plank design rolls back for...

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Architectural Entrance Mats Pedimat®/ TreadLine® Proven effective in thousands of buildings worldwide n n A permanent and integrated solution to tracked in dirt and water Pedimat is engineered to be quiet, thanks to its combination of lightweight rails and strong aluminum hinge connectors ­­ n Rolls back for easy cleaning Remove collected dirt by rolling back unit. Lots of aesthetic options to match any decor n Rolls back for easy cleaning n Pedimat stands the test of time. Pedimat has been keeping buildings clean since 1969. Properly maintained, Pedimat is long lasting and saves on...

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Architectural Entrance Mat Options Five effective tread options to choose from The C/S Architectural Mat System Pedimat® Quiet and highly effective at stopping dirt n S trong, lightweight rails and aluminum hinge connectors offer maximum performance in high traffic entrances n 7 /16" tread rails allow dirt and water to fall through n Perfect for new or existing buildings Serrated aluminum M1 M at rolls back for easy cleaning n I ncorporates with carpet, tile or surrounding floor finishes Pedimat® All Aluminum Carpet Pedimat is the industry standard for architectural tread rail mats where...

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Pedisystems gives you tread options to suit any aesthetic and performance requirement. ® GridLine™ High style that’s virtually maintenance free Poured Abrasive The best for slip resistance and traction Recycled Rubber Eco-friendly and slip resistant in 70 designer colors Heavy-Duty Carpet Abrasive Tape The ultimate for drying shoes Excellent traction at an economical price Serrated Aluminum High-tech looks meet high traction performance See full tread selector on next page.

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