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08 91 00 2012 Adding a new dimension to louvers

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C / S B O L D One Raffles Quay, Singapore Architect: KPF L I N E Bring color, drama and excitement to your facade... Introducing C/S Bold Line Louvers Finishes Bold Line is finished with C/S’ environmentally friendly 20-year powder coat finish. We can supply any color, including metallics. C/S 20-year AAMA 2605 powder coat finishes lets designers use multiple colors without breaking the budget. Who says a louver is just a louver? Not us! After decades of creating the industries best made, best performing louvers, we focused on what a louver looks like. We now can provide architects new...

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C/S Louvers Catalog - 3

C / S B O L D Conventional Louvers L I N E Bold Line Louvers Simulation Infinite Design Possibilities C/S Bold Line Conventional Louvers n n n n 4 Exposed Mullion Model B-6485M Architectural Line Model B-6485A M odel B-6485 is available with mullions or architectural line F rameless option available H igh free area, low pressure drop (see at right) A MCA tested and certified Free Area: 4' x 4' – 52.9%, 8' x 8' – 56.8% Pressure Drop: 0.14 @ 900FPM Free Area: 4' x 4' – 52.9%, 8' x 8' – 56.8% Pressure Drop: 0.14 @ 900FPM 5

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C/S Louvers Catalog - 4

We made our legendary Louver performance disappear... Introducing C/S Perform Louvers Facade options perforated aluminum skin is engineered to work interior rain fins to provide water performance. New C/S Perform provides all the air movement, security and sight screening of our standard Louvers, but with our exclusive perforated facade that gives it a totally fresh modern appearance. We even have a model that provides 100% rain defense. So why settle for the same old look? Perform Louvers have been completely tested Storm Resistant Model PL-5700 Free Area: 44.5% for an 4' x 4' unit Static...

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C/S Louvers Catalog - 5

Two great companies means better buildings C/S Louvers for use with CENTRIA Formawall Dimension Series Panel Systems ® ® CENTRIA and Construction Specialties have formed a unique partnership to share the design, manufacturing and innovation that has made each company a leader in its respective field. This collaboration assures complete integration of C/S Louvers and Sunshades into CENTRIA’s Formawall® Dimension Series Panels and CENTRIA’s Formavue™ Windows. C/S, the leader in architectural Louvers and Sun Controls, is teamed with CENTRIA, the leader in metal wall systems, to offer...

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C/S Louvers Catalog - 6

C / S F inis h es Architects no longer have to specify dangerous liquid fluoropolymers... New C/S 20-year powder coat finish is non-toxic, VOC-free and more durable than liquid fluoropolymers! For decades the standard architectural metal finish has been liquid fluoropolymers. They are color fast and pretty durable—but they are labor intensive to apply, use a lot of energy and produce VOCs and US Environmental Protection agency rates C/S powder coat finish as non-toxic. No VOCs are released in the plant, and there is no hazardous waste produced—in fact there is virtually no waste. Converting...

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C/S Louvers Catalog - 7

C/S powder coat C / S F inis h es Liquid Fluoropolymer Which finish do you want on your building? Conventional liquid fluoropolymer finish contains 50-70% fluoropolymer resin and 60% hazardous solvents. The most fade-resistant finish available Not only is our finish harder than liquid fluoropolymer and polyester powder finishes—it’s just as faderesistant as liquid fluoropolymer and many times more color fast than polyester powder finishes. Make sure you specify: “must meet AAMA-2605” to make sure you get the proper finish. Isn’t powder coat what’s chipping off my patio furniture? 12 The...

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C/S Louvers Catalog - 8

R ain D efense Collection chamber shows C/S Engineers the louver effectiveness at stopping wind driven rain. Blade adjustments can be made quickly. There are lots of knock-offs. Our Storm Resistant Louvers work, and we can prove it. Intake fan simulates building’s air handling equipment. Since we launched Storm Resistant Louvers in North America over a decade ago—everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. But what are you really getting? A 4' x 4' sample tested in a lab doesn’t mean much in the real world. Rest easy. C/S has the only state-of-the-art Louver wind driven rain test chamber. We can...

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C/S Louvers Catalog - 9

A irflow Get The Right Louver Every Time With The New C/S Online Airflow Tool. Construction Specialties, Inc. certifies that louver models shown herein are licensed to bear the AMCA seal. The ratings shown are based on tests and procedures performed in accordance with AMCA publication 511 and comply with requirements of the AMCA certified ratings program. The AMCA certified rating seal applies to air performance ratings and water penetration ratings. Specifying louvers on free area alone can cause serious problems. The principle reason for using louvers is to move air. How do you know if...

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C/S Louvers Catalog - 10

C/S Louvers Projects 6 Get the performance you need and the look you want with C/S Louvers. 3 1 4 2 University of Cincinnati – CARE/Crawley Building, Cincinnati, OH , STUDIOS Architecture Chicago O’Hare Airport, Chicago, IL, Gensler 3 Marquette University Law School: Eckstein Hall, Milwaukee, WI , Shepley Bulfinch 4 Memorial Hospital, Colorado Springs, CO, Jonathan Bailey Associates 5 Broadway Pier, San Diego, CA, PDC Engineering 6 18 1 2 5 LA Live, Los Angeles, CA, Gensler 19

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C/S Louvers Catalog - 11

Louvers Selection Chart How to use this selection chart Aesthetics Models Louver Type Louver Model Description AMCA Certified Blade Orientation Exposed Mullions Continuous Line Rain Defense Approx. Blade Blade Spacing (in.) Angle (in degrees) Louver Depth (in.) Airflow Free Wind Driven Rain Resistance Area 4' x 4' 8' x 8' Low High RS-8615 Aesthetics: Decide what you want the louvers to look like on your building. Horizontal or vertical blades? Uninterrupted louver line or vertical breaks? A 2" louver blade providing no shadow lines or a 6" louver with heavy shadow lines? 2" N/A 4" 53.3%...

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C/S Louvers Catalog - 12

C/S Blast Resistant Louver n n n n n S ix models all capable of blast loads up to 8 PSI S torm resistant models in vertical and horizontal header provide excellent protection from water infiltration H igh performance drainable louver offer high free area and low pressure drop T wo conventional models meet blast requirements at highly affordable prices 2 0-year AAMA 2605 powder coat finish BLV-5709 BLH-5709 5" 127MM BL-6179 5" 127MM 6" 152.4MM Head Head Storm Resistant Blade Storm Resistant Blade Head Drainable “Z” Blade Drain Sill Sill Pan C/S Blast Resistant Louvers... capable of...

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