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C/S Continuing Education Programs A s an Architect, you are faced with keeping up with new techniques for solving problems as well as the explosion of new products. The biggest challenge is identifying which ones will be most valuable to you and your clientele, and when you’ll have time to study them. C/S has been helping architects around the world solve design problems for over 60 years. We share our vast experience, information and expertise through our AIA/CES courses. Refer to the enclosed course descriptions for available topics and the LU, HSW and SD credits awarded for each. Our presenters oer participants valuable insight into the direction of our industry by emploring the proper application and specification of these products. All presenters are highly knowledgeable in the practical and technical aspects of the presented subject matter. Presentations are done using the latest computer software technology available. Some incorporate videos illustrating product testing. All include hands-on sample review. Scheduling requirements and availability are flexible. There is no cost to participants. To schedule an AIA approved presentation or to tour the C/S R&D test facilities, please call C/S and we will make the necessary arrangements. Louvers, Sun Controls & Grilles: 800.631.7379 Solarmotion: 800.234.0010 Wall Protection, Entrance Flooring & Expansion Joints: 800.233.8493 Explovent: 888.895.8955 Doors: 800.972.7214 ©Copyright 2010 Construction Specialties

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C/S Continuing Education Programs C/S Acrovyn® High Impact Interiors Program Number: ACROV2 Life Extension for Interior Surfaces Participants Will Learn: • How & where impacts deteriorate interiors • Design solutions in application • How to reduce maintenance costs for the owner • Form & function • What criteria is important • Which wall protection materials contribute to LEED® • C2C certification information • Credit Awarded: 1 LU C/S Acrovyn® Doors Program Number: 0DOOR1 Reducing the Constant Cycle of Door Damage Participants Will Learn: • Designers’ and owners’ needs for commercial...

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C/S Louvers Program Number: LVR100 Louver Innovation Participants Will Learn: • Current trends & initiatives in the louver industry • Important Masterspec updates & recommendations for louver selection • How architects & designers address rain entry through louvers into buildings • What criteria should be used when specifying louvers • Louver selection & design considerations (function vs. form) • The importance of louver testing and certification (AMCA Standard 500-L wind driven rain testing; Miami-Dade County hurricane testing protocol) • The future of louver-enhanced performance coupled...

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C/S Expansion Joint Covers Program Number: EJCPR1 Expansion Joint Covers Participants Will Learn: • Overview of expansion joint covers • Key issues & new products relating to today’s requirements • Types of building movements & how to address each through proper design and product selection • Fire barrier types & options • How to select the right cover for your project • C2C certification information • Additional Program: PEJC01 Parking Deck Expansion Joint Covers • Credits Awarded: 1 LU; 1 HSW C/S Explovent® Program Number: EXPLO1A Explosion & Pressure Relief Systems Participants Will...

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