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Products for attractive, safe and well-maintained behavioral health interiors. For Behavioral Health Facilities

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Not All Health Facilities Are Created Equal! People may believe that hospitals and behavioral health facilities can be built with the same products, but C/S knows this isn’t true. Detachable material and potential ligature points, often overlooked in the general hospital environment, could be used by psychiatric patients to harm themselves or others. In order to protect residents and staff in high-risk areas, products need to withstand heavy use and possible misuse for an extended amount of time. This material longevity results in a decrease in maintenance costs and an increase of useable...

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"I have been an architect for over 40 years and have used C/S products extensively for a long time." James M. Hunt, AIA, NCARB President of Behavioral Health Facility Consulting, LLC Color and Finish Options Powder Coat Finishes Acrovyn® Solid Colors Chameleon™ Patterns Real Woods & Finishes Wall Covering Textures Interior Wall Protection Products for Patient Safety Ligature-resistant handrails feature continuous aluminum mounting brackets. High-impact rigid wall covering that can withstand patient force and is supplied with color-matched caulk instead of plastic trims to prevent possible...

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6696 State Route 405, Muncy, Pennsylvania 17756 U.S.A. Additional C/S Products for Behavioral Health Interiors In addition to wall and door protection, C/S offers solutions for entrance flooring and privacy curtain needs. • Pedisystems® Entrance Flooring stops dirt and water at the door for a cleaner, safer facility. • Privacy Curtains offer easy-to-change curtains where privacy is essential featuring ligature-resistant break-away carriers for a safe environment. Pedisystems® Entrance Flooring Privacy Curtains We have operations throughout the world so we can provide C/S products virtually...

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