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Smoke is the most deadly part of a fire apcdayliter® Fire and SmokeVents

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APCVents are the safestway to protect the building’s occupants– and firefighters. Unventilated building–Fire after 2minutes Unventilated building–Fire after 3minutes Unventilated building–Fire after 4minutes In one-story buildings fire and smoke spreads laterally and rapidly. Inminutes smoke and gases fill the entire structure. The National Building Codes demand fire vents formost industrial buildings. Fire officials know that smoke is the deadliest part of a fire. That’s why Section 910 of the International Fire Code mandates the use of automatic smoke control systems in high-piled storage...

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APC Dropout vents rely on gravity and the special heat-sensing property of its dome material.When thermally activated by the rapid heat rise from fire, dome material softens and releases from its retaining frame venting smoke and gas. APC Dayliter® vents work every time thanks 1 to the laws of science. WorksWith All Sprinkler Systems A typical 4' x 8' APC unit weighs 110 lbs, yet the dome material is one of the industry’s strongest. APC Quadri-dome resists hail, industrial debris and errant birds. 3 Strong Yet Lightweight 2 APC’s drop-out design prevents possible lid closures and is...

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APC Smoke Vents 6 Therapid heat risefromfirecauses theAPC heat sensitiveQuadri-Domeglazingto shrink and drop out of the openingautomatically creatingan unobstructed vent for heat, smoke, and gas. APC unitswill reach full open position within fiveminutes after initial exposureto fireand beforethefirereaches 500º F. Model AUL • Meets UL standard 793 for Automatically Operated Smoke and Heat Vents. • Only UL-listed drop-out gravity vent available. • Release rods standard for manual operation. Model AFL for high temperature release vents with ESFR sprinklers. Metal Building Roof APC’s MB Double...

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©Copyright 2007 Construction Specialties, Inc. Construction Specialties, Inc. reserves the right tomake design changes or to withdraw any design without notice. Printed in U.S.A. Series 08 The C/S Family of Products For 60 years, Construction Specialties has been a leader in architectural specialty products, including: Acrovyn®Wall and Door Protection, Pedisystems® Entrance Flooring, Expansion Joint Covers, Cubicle Track and Curtains, Smoke and Explosion Venting Systems, Architectural Grilles, Architectural Louvers and Sun Controls. We have operations throughout theworld and can provide C/S...

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