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PALETTE In the past, designers and owners were forced to choose among a limited selection of “institutional” wall protection options or face wall damage. Thankfully, those days are behind us as Acrovyn® now provides many designer profiles, colors, simulated patterns and real woods that enhance your interior while protecting it. Acrovyn has transformed even further with Acrovyn by Design® and new wall panel options allowing you to have total visual freedom. Almost any photograph, graphic, pattern, branding or messaging can be digitally embedded behind our durable PVC-free sheet. It’s...

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INTRODUCING ACROVYN BY DESIGN® AND WALL PANELS It’s been proven that imagery, when used properly, can have a positive impact on learning, healing, Acrovyn Wall Covering & Wall Protection ® Acrovyn Wall Panels productivity and overall outlook. Unfortunately, in many facilities it’s a challenge to maintain high-quality artwork to achieve those results, whether framed or full wall. With Acrovyn by Design, you can reproduce virtually any image, message or color without the concern of damage. Patterns, photographs, logos and more can be safely embedded behind our durable PVC-free Acrovyn sheet,...

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PVC-free Acrovyn 4000 contains no halogens, monomers or other known persistent bioaccumulative toxins (PBTs), is tested to CAN/ULC 5102.02 and is UL® Classified, Class A/1 fire-rated and labeled. AESTHETIC OPTIONS Acrovyn 4000 has a contemporary texture that designers and owners overwhelmingly prefer over other companies’ wall protection because of its cleanability and aesthetic features. Acrovyn’s full creative palette includes solid colors, Chameleon patterns and real woods to offer a well-rounded selection for any interior space. True design freedom is available with new Acrovyn by...

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A visit to any type of facility usually means time spent at a nurse station or reception desk to gather information. These locations provide ideal opportunities to showcase beautiful, yet durable, interior finishes that will communicate a high-quality establishment and leave a positive impression.

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Staff and visitors come face-to-face with headwalls on a daily basis. This means the planning and design of a headwall is essential for creating a room that looks impressive while remaining functional.

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When waiting or relaxing, people prefer to be surrounded by updated and well-designed interiors. Modern, sophisticated colors and textures can be used on the walls to create a comfortable environment, and full-size wall graphics provide visual interest for visitors of any age.

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Engaging colors and characters turn a place that may have once been stressful and scary for a child into one that is welcoming and fun. Illustrations, messaging and custom colors can be displayed throughout an area, making it perfect for a young imagination.

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A confined space doesn’t mean a confined design. Corridors have the potential to be just as incredible as other parts of a building. Consider using them to carry a design from one room to another, or to make a statement at an entrance.

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Whether waiting for an elevator or a meal, visitors take notice of their surroundings. If they are less than desirable, that could mean a negative impression of your entire building. Use finishes and materials in these places that will look good after years of abuse.

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CHOOSE FROM: High-Impact Wall Covering Saratoga® Wall System New Wrapped Square Edge Wall Panels New Wrapped Beveled Edge Wall Panels Acrovyn® Wall Covering and Panels

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Acrovyn Wall Covering ® Acrovyn 4000 Rigid Sheet is the perfect wall covering for interiors subjected to daily abuse. Offered in .040", .060" and .075" thicknesses and supplied in 4' x 8' and 4' x 10' sheets, all Acrovyn Wall Covering products are PVC-free and feature a standard Suede texture. Acrovyn Rigid Sheet is UL® Classified, Class A/1 fire-rated and mounts with C/S water-based mastic primer and adhesive. Sheet can be thermoformed for inside and outside corner conditions and radius formed for covering columns. Wall protection now comes in unlimited visual freedom with new Acrovyn by...

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Acrovyn Saratoga® Wall System The Saratoga Wall System is ideal for high traffic areas. Key to the system is our rugged Acrovyn .040" sheet that is offered in 24 Chameleon patterns and 68 solid colors in our standard Suede texture or 8 optional textures. A variety of panelized designs can be achieved by incorporating matching or contrasting vertical and horizontal moldings available in 9'6" length. To learn how to specify UL Class B/2 fire rated Acrovyn Saratoga, refer to our flyer at

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New Acrovyn® Wall Panels Wrapped Square Acrovyn Wall Panels have been reimagined to offer a variety of functional and aesthetic improvements. The offering has expanded to include finished square-edge Wrapped Beveled panels, dimensional flexibility, graphic printing capabilities, new trim options and the Sure Snap™ System. Tailored to withstand high-traffic abuse, Acrovyn Wall Panels can be incorporated into a variety of designs that will keep walls beautiful and damage free. Acrovyn Wall Panels are UL Classified B/2 and include a moisture-resistant barrier. Available in standard Suede...

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Trims Specify Acrovyn® Wall Panels with the look that fits your project design. Ideal for unfinished edge panels, choose either Picture Frame or Thin Trim. Both aluminum trims are factory-installed, but this feature can be optional on permanently mounted panels. Picture Frame Thin Trim Recessed Reveal Butt Joint NEW Sure Snap™ System 3/4" (standard 46" x 118") up to 2" deep Permanent Adhesive 3/8" deep only (47" x 119") Reveals To create the desired complementing or contrasting reveal color, mount (permanent or demountable) panels using the specified reveal width on the wall prefinished...

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