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Introducing a new way to look at durability see page 14

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Taber tests don’t lie. Most doors cannot hold up to the abuse in today’s facilities. Acrovyn® Panel Doors New Acrovyn® Doors by Design Flush Faced Acrovyn® Doors These tests, the industry standard for abrasion testing, prove that the Acrovyn Doors is much tougher than any other commercial door. Tests were conducted in accordance with ASTM 4060-90 standard using CS-10 wheels. Shown are actual test photos. Wood Veneer Traditional Banded Edged Door Low Pressure Laminate (Thermal Fused) Here’s what happens when you don’t choose Acrovyn® Doors. After six months of use, banded-edged wood and...

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Life cycle analysis shows Acrovyn® Doors can save owners $800,000 compared to wood doors over 10 years. Wood Veneer Here is the real cost to buy and maintain 500 doors over a 10-year period. Hollow Metal High Pressure Laminate Acrovyn® Doors An in-depth analysis on the cost saving benefits of the Acrovyn Door was conducted among leading hospitals throughout the United States. The study compared a facility’s total cost of purchasing and maintaining 500 wood veneer, hollow metal, plastic laminate and Acrovyn Doors over a 10-year period. The areas considered in the life cycle analysis...

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Don’t be fooled by imitators, only an Acrovyn® Door is as good as an Acrovyn® Door. Acrovyn Door, now in hundreds of facilities across North America, there are doors on the market now claiming to be the “same as” or “as good as” Acrovyn. Don’t be fooled! The Acrovyn Door boasts features, benefits and options that no other door can compare with. The previous pages have shown what can happen if you don’t choose a high impact resistant clad door for your facility. These pages show why the Acrovyn Door is the only impact resistant door you should consider. There are no doors available that give...

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“ collided the edge of an Acrovyn Door I sample with the edge of a competitor’s lower-cost solid core veneer sample. The competitor’s sample delaminated and was significantly damaged while the Acrovyn Door sample remained undamaged. This proved to our client that the Acrovyn Door was superior.” —Carl Nelson, Orcutt Winslow Maricopa Pediatric ER Phoenix, AZ Architect: Orcutt Winslow Acrovyn®, the door everyone is talking about. Nikko Hotel San Francisco, CA “ he doors are holding up T in a very high traffic area. Carts are hitting them daily. The doors still look like the day they were...

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LEED® Credits for C/S Acrovyn® Doors include LEED® v4. C/S Acrovyn® Doors— LEED® v4 compliant and now the first doors that are Cradle to Cradle Certified CM Now Cradle to Cradle Certified When Acrovyn Doors were introduced 10 years ago to the architectural/healthcare market, they were the first impact-resistant doors offering a new level of durability. C/S is pleased to introduce the first door system to be certified by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. C/S Acrovyn Doors are now Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze!*† CM New LEED® v4 Credit Contributions Depending on door...

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Over 90% of door damage occurs at the edges. Only Acrovyn® Doors are available with replaceable stiles. Impact Tests* prove the Acrovyn Door’s superiority. Strength and Rigidity Crossbanding adds strength and rigidity to the door. Factory Sealed Top and bottom rails feature structural composite lumber and are factory sealed with an approved sealant. Acrovyn At an 8" drop a slight indentation in the Acrovyn occurred. HPL At a 4" drop the HPL laminate chipped, exposing sharp edges. Replaceable Primary Stiles Beds, X-ray carts, and people lifters can do more than just surface damage. That is...

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The world’s toughest doors now come in unlimited graphics Introducing Acrovyn® Doors by Design New C/S Acrovyn by Design allows architects to incorporate a myriad of graphic imagery into our virtually indestructible Acrovyn Doors. These revolutionary doors can include signage, messaging, photographs, graphic images, and can act as part of a full mural. Acrovyn by Design is manufactured by embedding images behind our rugged PBT-Free Acrovyn 4000 rigid sheet. For complete details, call an Acrovyn Door specialist at 800-972-7214. New Acrovyn Doors by Design & Acrovyn by Design Wall Murals

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Acrovyn' Doors by Design Millions of options to choose from Children's Imagery Custom Graphics and Logos Signage Simulated Metals Photography Exotic Woodgrains

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Technical Information and How to Order Acrovyn Doors by Design incorporates high-resolution digital printing embedded on the reverse side of our protective, rigid sheet material. Acrovyn protects the image just as well as it has protected commercial walls and doors for decades. Material Specifications Image Selection The Acrovyn by Design material is PVC-free and has been tested in accordance with ASTM E84 Class A fire characteristics. The selection of an image for your Acrovyn Doors by Design project is key to its success. Will the image that you select work? It depends on the size of the...

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Acrovyn® Panel Doors Berkeley (377 American Beech) Madison (381 Figured Anigre) Somerset (372 Classic Maple) Chatham (386 Honduras Mahogany) Designers who specified the original Acrovyn Doors asked us if we could manufacture panel doors for applications that require a less institutional feel. C/S Acrovyn Panel Doors can be manufactured to your specific design requirements including shallow reveals for easy cleaning. For details and samples or to discuss your design requirements, call one of the Acrovyn Doors consultants at 800-972-7214. Montclair (379 Honey Birch) Plymouth (383 Vintage...

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Introducing Acrovyn® Doors for Behavioral Healthcare Facilities All doors in healthcare facilities are subjected to constant abuse. Behavioral health facilities are not an exception, except that they have special requirements to keep patients safe and accessible. Acrovyn Doors offers two different models for specialized areas in behavioral health facilities. Just like our standard Acrovyn Doors, these two models are durable, easy to clean, and come in 64 colors and 18 simulated wood and metal patterns, as well as Acrovyn by Design. Ligature Resistant Ligature-resistant doors have a radiused...

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