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08 14 23 2012 Introducing Virtually Indestructible Panel Doors

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Taber tests don’t lie. Most doors cannot hold up to the abuse in today’s facilities. New Acrovyn® Panel Door Acrovyn® Custom Design Door Flush Faced Acrovyn® Door These tests, the industry standard for abrasion testing, prove that the Acrovyn® Door is much tougher than any other commercial door. Tests were conducted in accordance with ASTM 4060-90 standard using CS-10 wheels. Shown are actual test photos. 1,000 Cycles Wood Veneer 1,000 Cycles Traditional Banded Edged Door Low Pressure Laminate (Thermal Fused) 15,000 Cycles Here’s what happens when you don’t choose Acrovyn® Doors. After six...

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$1M $797K $552K $310K Wood Veneer Here is the real cost to buy and maintain 500 doors over a 10-year period. Hollow Metal High Pressure Laminate Acrovyn® Doors Life cycle analysis shows Acrovyn® Doors can save owners $800,000 compared to wood doors over 10 years. An in-depth analysis on the cost saving benefits of the Acrovyn® Door was conducted among leading hospitals throughout the United States. The study compared a facility’s total cost of purchasing and maintaining 500 wood veneer, hollow metal, plastic laminate and Acrovyn Doors over a 10-year period. The areas considered in the life...

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Don’t be fooled by imitators, only an Acrovyn® Door is as good as an Acrovyn® Door. D ue to the extraordinary popularity of the Here’s the proof: Acrovyn® Door, now in hundreds of facilities across North America, there are doors on the market now claiming to be the “same as” or “as good as” Acrovyn. Don’t be fooled! The Acrovyn Door was years in development. It boasts features, benefits and options no other door can compare with. The previous pages have shown what can happen if you don’t choose a high impact resistant clad door for your facility. These pages show why the Acrovyn Door is the...

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Over 90% of damage to facility doors occurs at the edges. Only Acrovyn® Doors are available with replaceable stiles. Ram Impact Tests* prove the Acrovyn Door’s superiority. Strength and Rigidity Crossbanding adds strength and rigidity to the door. Factory Sealed Top and bottom rails feature structural composite lumber and are factory sealed with an approved sealant. Why should you care? • Costs less than replacing the entire door Acrovyn® At a 8" drop a slight indentation in the Acrovyn occurred. HPL At a 4" drop the HPL laminate chipped, exposing sharp edges. Removable Primary Stiles Beds,...

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“The door edging can take a beating and still look good. We use the replaceable stiles and love them!” — endrick Medical Center H Vancouver Convention Center Vancouver, BC Architect: LMN Architects Chilton Memorial Hospital Pompton Plains, NJ Architect: Granary Associates Acrovyn®, the door everyone is talking about. “The doors are holding up in a very high traffic area. Carts are hitting them daily. The doors still look like the day they were installed. Great product!” —Emeritus Hospital at Rancho Solano 10 Meadowview Terrace Clarksville, VA Architect: SFCS Mills-Peninsula Medical Center...

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Acrovyn Doors 2012 - 7

Introducing Acrovyn® Panel Doors Our warmest look yet... Designers who used the original Acrovyn® Doors asked us if we could manufacture panel doors for applications that require a less institutional feel. Offered in eight standard designs, C/S Acrovyn NonRated Panel Doors can be manufactured to your specific custom design requirement including shallow reveals for easy cleaning. For details and samples or to discuss your requirements, call one of the Acrovyn Door Consultants at 800-972-7214. Berkeley Montclair Summit Madison Somerset Chatham Montgomery Plymouth 13

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The ultimate in durability meets the ultimate in sustainability. Durable, stylish and totally PVC free. Acrovyn Doors feature PBT/PVCFree Acrovyn 4000 sheet material, which is MBDC Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver in all 64 colors and 18 Chameleon simulated wood grain and metal patterns (see pages 18-21 for color selector charts). CM Introducing the C/S Acrovyn® 4000 PVC-Free Door. It’s not only the industry’s most durable door, but now we offer a wide array of sustainable design combinations to meet your “Green and LEED®” requirements. Acrovyn Doors feature our durable New Acrovyn 4000...

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Acrovyn Doors 2012 - 9

Whatever design you imagine for your doors, we can create. The world’s toughest door now comes in custom designs. We can do practically anything you can imagine, without impacting fire rating or performance. Customization is a C/S specialty. Our manufacturing processes afford you limitless design freedom. Contact us at 800-972-7214 to discuss your designs. Acrovyn 930 Blue Silk, 957 Bluestone and Acrovyn Chameleon 410 Brushed Silver Acrovyn Chameleon 374 Regal Mahogany and 410 Brushed Silver Acrovyn 105 Mocha and Acrovyn Chameleon 382 Cocoa Maple Acrovyn 521 Spanish Moss and 522 Savannah...

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Acrovyn Doors 2012 - 10

Acrovyn® Solid Colors The Acrovyn 4000 face material on Acrovyn Doors is MBDC Silver Certified. Cradle to Cradle Certified CM is a certification mark of MBDC. 949 White 933 Mission White 313 Vanilla 934 Pearl 322 Peanut Brittle 194 Chinchilla 209 Slate 317 Kona 100 Eggshell 858 Pumice 253 Parchment 517 eton White T 321 Russet 320 Brick 318 Berry Red 326 Rustic Red 519 Buttercream 310 Yosemite Sand 101 French Cream 920 Almond 311 Celery 521 Spanish Moss 522 Savannah 853 Ocean Gray 102 Desert Sand 254 Wheat 997 Irish Cream 186 Champagne 319 Saybrook Sage 324 Underseas 660 Sage Green 323...

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Acrovyn Doors 2012 - 11

Acrovyn® Chameleon™ Simulated Wood & Metal Acrovyn Doors feature Cradle to Cradle Certified CM Silver Acrovyn 4000 sheet material. Cradle to Cradle Certified CM is a certification mark of MBDC. 701 Ginger Root 399 Cherry 379 Honey Birch 381 Figured Anigre 704 Brazilian Nut 386 Honduras Mahogany 383 Vintage Walnut 372 Classic Maple 377 American Beech 376 Northern Oak 382 Cocoa Maple 374 Regal Mahogany 380 Shaker Cherry 375 Autumn Maple 373 Amber Cherry 385 Royal Oak 378 Brushed Nickel 410 Brushed Silver Stainless Steel No. 4 (For Stile Guard Only) Ask about our pre-matched custom colors. Due...

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