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Hughesville, PA 800.233.8493 570.546.5941 Mississauga, ON 888.895.8955 905.274.3611 Architectural Testing August 11.2010 Mr. Dave Laidacker Construction Specialties, Inc. 4660 Paradise Road P.O. Box 378 Milton, Pennsylvania 17847-0378 re: handrail impact load test summary Dear Mr. Laidacker: Construction Specialties, Inc. contracted Architectural Testing, Inc., an independent test laboratory, to witness testing of their New Acrovyn* 4000 handrail and a competitor handrail at the Milton, Pennsylvania facility. Ram-type impact tests in general accordance with Section 18 of ASTM F 476-84 (Reapproved 2002), Standard Test Methods for Security of Swinging Door Assemblies were conducted for the two products. Three samples of each product were mounted to 1/2" thick standard interior drywall sections over steel studs. Each individual sample was secured to a rigid mock wall structure and impacted at its center (99.2 lb impactor per Appendix X.l of ASTM F 476) starting at a height of 1" (8.27 ftlb) with subsequent impacts each incremented by 2" (16.54 ft lb) until a failure occurred. Failure was defined as cracking of the exposed drywall face or metal support damage resulting in non-serviceability of the product. Each product utilized a continuous rigid aluminum retainer. A summary of the evaluations is listed below. Full details of these tests are available in report 98909.01-106-47. If you have any questions regarding this test summary, please feel free to contact me at your convenience. For ARCHITECTURAL TESTING, INC. © Copyright 2016 Construction Specialties, Inc.

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