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C/S Acrovyn® 4000... wall protection for today’s environment. Environmentally-friendly compound Acrovyn 4000 wall guards and wall coverings are manufactured from engineered PETG, which contains no PBTs (persistent bioaccumulative toxins). Completely free of PVC and BPA (bisphenol A), Acrovyn 4000 has earned Cradle to Cradle® Gold Certification and meets the California 01350 protocol for good indoor air quality. Contemporary texture In a customer survey, designers and owners overwhelmingly preferred a less aggressive texture over that of original Acrovyn. Our wall guards are supplied with...

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Improved aesthetics We’ve given the Acrovyn color palette a face lift just in time for the Acrovyn 4000 release. Also, our Chameleon faux wood and metal patterns are available PVC-free and Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver! We were even able to keep the gloss level of this new non-PVC material the same as original Acrovyn.

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The Acrovyn® journey continues 1969 C/S introduced Acrovyn, the first PVC wall protection system that was capable of being manufactured in virtually any shape. Facilities everywhere fell in love with Acrovyn's extreme durability, so it quickly became the wall protection standard. Responding to requests from specifiers and end-users no longer wanting PVC in their facilities, C/S introduced Acrovyn 3000. Made from a new compound delivering the same performance and appearance as original Acrovyn, it represents a great environmental step forward. Why stop there? Environmental responsibility is...

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