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Crystal. Founded in 1967, Crystal is a globally recognized leader in the commercial water feature industry, with a long history of innovation, design and custom manufacturing. Crystal offers a wide range of products and expert services to turn creative water feature design ideas into beautiful and functional pieces of art you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Pool + Spa. Crystal’s Residential Collection adds sophistication and excitement to a residential pool or fountain. The design possibilities are endless when planning your dream backyard—from an elegant stream jet, to a fully...

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Stream Jet WMD Series Creating a slender, arching column of water, the Stream Jet (WMD100) is a directionally adjustable nozzle designed for applications that require flush deck level mounting, such as swimming pool decks, walls, and children’s water play areas. Suitable for vertical or horizontal installation, the Stream Jet can be angle adjusted up to 25°. If higher arching effects are required, the Stream jet Multi (WMD110) has a jet angle adjustment of up to 45°. easy substitution of water effects, these jets are interchangeable: Stream Jet, Crown Jet, and Tristream Jet.

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Tristream Jet WMD Series This directionally adjustable jet is designed for flush deck mounting in swimming pools and children’s water play areas. With the Tristream Jet, three gentle, slender, streams of water shoot out of the directional ball to create a triple arch effect into a nearby pool or small water feature. Crown Jet WMF Series Designed to be flush mounted in a pool, wall, or deck, the Crown Jet’s effect has two rows of angled streams that create a gentle double spray arch into a pool or for an interactive playdeck. It is ideal for small to medium applications.

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Fyrefly Jet WMT Series Eight sparkling streams produce a wide, graceful arch, with substantial mass and form. The Fyrefly Jet can be mounted in pool decks or walls at 20° or 40° angles for varying spread and height. Three interchangeable face plates are included to create different water effects. Available in no light, or fiber optic lighting options. CrystalFalls WMG Series The CrystalFalls Jet is used in pool designs to create dramatic arching waterfalls. This unique jet produces a large mass of unbroken water that comes from the pool deck or wall. Jets are available with two different...

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Foam Jet WMO Series Foam Jets produce a mound of frothy, aerated water, generating a sophisticated visual and aural impact. These jets are ideal for beach entry pools. Flush mounted, the Foam Jet can be arranged individually or in a grouping. Available in no light or fiber optic options. Laminar Jet WMV Series The Laminar Jet’s effect creates a continuous, glass-like rod of water so well controlled that it hits the water virtually splash and sound free. With built-in LEDs or fiber optics, the Laminar Jet is capable of breathtaking light shows in an unlimited color palette. The unit can be...

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Sequencing Jet LED180 Series The Crystal Sequencing Jet is an exciting interactive unit equipped with built-in LED lighting. These units are ideal for creating colorful suspended deck or poured deck fountains (playdecks), with no standing body of water required. Safe for children and interactive play, these units have flush mounted nozzles to eliminate tripping. The combination of sequencing, color, and interactivity makes the Sequencing Jet the perfect option for creating an entertaining, vibrant backyard attraction. Available in many variations to suit any application. Unit can be flush...

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Leaper Jet LED140 Series The Electric Leaper Jet produces a glass-like water rod, capable of creating jumping or leaping effects. When arranged in groups, multiple Leapers can create a wide variety of patterns or sequences. Available with three different lighting options (no light, LED, and fiber optic), the jet can be programmed with custom color combinations. The unit can be installed out of water, submerged, or flush mounted in a deck with an optional niche.

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60 Snow Boulevard Toronto, Ontario Canada L4K 4B3 801 Icon Tower, TECOM P.O.Box 102647 Dubai UAE Wisniowy Busiess Park Ilzecka 26 02-135 Warsaw, Poland For more information on our products and services

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